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  • Hitch
    • Hitch
    • Runtime:118 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:49:14
    • Director: Andy Tennant
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


Had it been made any worse than what it is, Hitch may well have been a
wry; sly; misguided; totally unredeemable; sexist piece of garbage with
no redeeming value, whereas had it been produced a little better than
what we get, the film may have been a much more nourishing, much more
satisfying comedy about relationships and confronting one's fears. As
it is, Hitch falls between two stalls, two rather extreme stalls; it
isn't by any means a bad film but is one far more underwhelming that it
really ought to have been. It's also a lot longer than it has any right
to be, Andy Tennant's direction feeding off of a Kevin Bisch screenplay
sees Tennant prove fairly quickly that he can negate most of the early
stuff to do with set up; quick-fire dialogue and humorous character
exchanges. Problem is, by the time everything's slipped off into more
serious territory and these people's lives threaten to fall apart as
friendships; trust and links break down, the film thinks its carrying
more dramatic energy than it actually is and thus, falls a little flat.
Regardless, and for the best part, we've come to both care for as well
as become a tad fond of the characters on show enough to stick it out.

Will Smith plays the titular Hitch, a fast piece of casting in that
Smith is an easy guy to get behind and the character of Hitch is
somebody we need to observe the good in from the very beginning.
Hitch's life effectively sees him stalk women for somewhat of a living;
the taking of notes and the careful forming of plans in a calculated
manner so as to have them hook up with the poor men whom come to him,
so desperately seeking said women, Hitch's line of work. An early
sequence renders such a situation one that relies on comic timing and
physical comedy more than anything else, when a man's preordained
meeting with a woman whose dog goes missing via an elevator mix up in
the lobby of a building sees one of Hitch's many plans of action put
into motion and successfully working. One day, the man Hitch himself
refers to as a project that'll come to resemble his "Sistine Chapel", a
certain Albert Brennaman played by Kevin James , lands in his lap. His
goal: to woo wealthy woman and celebrity Allegra Cole (Valletta) with
whom he works at a large company.

On another strand, Eva Mendes' Sara Melas is a high powered journalist
whom we have to go along with believing that she cannot get a man;
something that eerily appears to bother her co-workers more than it
does her. Throughout the duration of the film, which is probably a good
half an hour too long, their lives and stories will come to entwine
with a few harsh truths learnt along the way. The film is one of those
to unfold in a New York City that appears to only exist within both the
movies and the minds of fanciful would-be tourists whom are yet to
venture out to said city, and its something that's grated a lot more in
the past with other films than it does here. Additionally, a lot of
Smith's to-camera bantering echoes that of Woody Allen during years of
old. Tennant and his crew take little time to inform us on where
everybody stands regarding Hitch, the notion of such a character
existing and doing what he does is addressed very early on. Any ideas
of the man being a cold-blooded misogynist, whom despises women because
of a prior tragedy at college during which one of them showed him up
before coming to uses this lease of life to artfully teach men how to
seduce the women they'd usually never get anywhere near, are addressed
and banished very quickly: an interaction with one of your more
stereotypical New York yuppies at a diner raising the item before
having Hitch essentially reject it.

We like Albert, principally because he's a little chubby and comes
across as a kind of likable enough guy whom wears glasses and has a
name like Albert. James and Smith build up quite a rapport, their
scenes with each other are far funnier than they have any right to be;
his tale to do with the trying to have Allegra notice him sweet and
good natured with both the fact we only really realise how much we were
enjoying it and how effective it actually was becoming apparent by the
time Smith and Mendes' story has overridden it, itself somewhat
underwhelming. Like Hitch, Melas is high flying in her chosen career
and like Hitch, she sticks to a strict procession of rules that govern
her life and job – barely, like Hitch, finding time for a love life.
Their coming together and consequent falling apart is entertaining
enough; the energy and punch that infuses that first conversation they
have at a local night spot at a table sadly only as good as it gets
there and then. Later on, a long stretch during which Melas accuses him
of being something the film has already gone to extreme lengths to
point out he isn't tires us; the physical comedy embedded within the
film by this point as equally prominent as it is merely unwelcome.
Despite its flaws and pacing problems and the fact a lot of what
happens later on might be cured with a simple "No, it didn't actually
happen", Hitch successfully in a minute manner hooks us up and we enjoy
our time with it overall.


It is spellbinding. The three leads are so comfortable with one
another. Kevin Jamess comedy is very versatile and his physical skill
gives the film added depth. I had wanted to see a good romcom for so
long, and here it WAS. I am actually laughing at the utterly competent
and sublimely confident Smith in every scene and he delivered the slick
script with the deftness and verve of a skilled master-boy of comedy.
The sub-plots were there to glue up all the seams and they did so very
well. Eva Mendes was delicious.

Did I say spellbinding though? Oh my! I forgot the last 40 minutes of
this movie where I allocate 9/10 to the first part and 4/10 to the last
40 minutes. Why? Because, for the end of the movie the storytellers in
their complete boneheadedness decided to strap the characters rigidly
to a "Loses-girl-Situation falls apart-Saves situation-Gets girl
back-Live happily ever after" formula that kills ALL of the humour and
for the most part, the characters stone-dead. Simply because it was
wrenched from its natural flow.

Awful…and the same thing happened in 'How to lose a guy in 10 Days"
too. Pattern emerging and I think it might be 'Studio Management

Anyhow, I have decided to up the combined average score from 6 to 7
because Eva Mendes is gorgeous and Kevin James proved that we should
see more of him.


so I decide to watch this movie on TV and I guess I liked this. Will
Smith does not do anything slow. It is always right on target with the
greatest scripts and comedy that keeps you laughing, and involved in
the plot. You are watching a skilled comedian, who plays all his parts
well. One fully believes he is who he is playing. The start of this
movie is real funny with great jokes. Will Smith and Kevin James have
great chemistry in this and it works out nicely. Although Eva Mendes
character was really rude and snotty, but she was looking great (plus
side. I didn't understand why she was getting so mad at Hitch towards
the end, something real weird and confusing.

Will Smith seems to have honed his comedy routine well. He was funny. I
loved the part where he had an allergic reaction to something he ate,
and his face swelled up, and he looked more like some kind of gargle.
Then seeing him sipping on the benadryl bottle trying to bring his head
back down to the right size. I laughed so hard. He knows how to make us
all laugh. Also laughed at Kevin James scenes, he really stole the show
(in a good way you f**king dumbases) Id recommend this movie, its great
to see


Congratulations – you've come upon another "romantic comedy" movie.

Well, here is my opinion and since my opinion counts – then take this
advice, watch something better…and You've Got Mail is not any better
either. This is a sad attempt at something funny – overloaded with so
much rehashed writing from other people that it is sickening to watch
and not leave your seat.

Just a little wonder…why everybody in New York City always works in
an office and has a social life and a clean apartment and always fresh
dressed clothes and all the time in the world and never looks tired.

In the world of Hollywood and New York – all businesspeople will always
have the cleanest apartments in the city. They will have the newest
clothes, the bed is always made, there is always a parking space
available and everything is easily at hand whenever is needed.

Ahhh to be young and pretty – working as an office clone and living in
New York or L.A. – where the world works in mysterious ways…just for

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