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  • Iris
    • Iris
    • Runtime:91 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:28:13
    • Director: Richard Eyre
    • Genres: Biography, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


Iris Murdoch's life unfolds emotionally in 'Iris'. This biopic shows
the strength and weakness of this late legendary novelist with ease.
Director Richard Eyre's version of showing this biopic has nudity,
frustration and beyond all, love.

'Iris' is crispy executed in 90-minutes in running-time. Some sequences
are brilliantly done, the inter-cuts are smoothly removed at times, and
selfishly put back again. The culmination is very sensitively executed,
and leaves a tear in your eye.

Richard Eyre has made a memorable biopic, no two options on that! He
deserves a pat for handling the emotional portions with such ease.
Roger Pratt's Cinematography compliments wonderfully to Eyre's

Performance-Wise: It's a Judi Dench show all the way. The legendary
Actress plays Iris, when suffering Alzheimer's disease, flawlessly. Jim
Broadbent as Iris's husband John Bayley, is very sincere. Kate Winslet
as the young and peppy Iris, is absolutely lovable. Hugh Bonneville as
young Bayley, does well.

On the whole, This Biopic Is Truly Worth A Watch!


Pretty standard biopic about author Iris Murdoch (Judi Dench) and her
struggle with Alzheimer's.

There are no complaints with the film's acting, which in addition to
Dench's performance includes an Oscar-winning portrayal of Murdoch's
loyal husband (played by Jim Broadbent) and extended glimpses of
Murdoch's younger self (played by Kate Winslet). But performances
aside, the film never rises above the level of fair, mostly because
it's just too safe and too reminiscent of a million other biopics about
famous artists.

Dench and Winslet were also Oscar nominated, only the second time that
two different actresses received nominations for playing the same
character in the same film (the other being "Titanic," which also
starred Winslet in the "younger self" role — how's that for obscure

Grade: B



A film about Irish Murdoch, renown British writer, who of Alzeihmer's
and old age died. This is predominantly a story about love. Irish
Murdoch marries John Bayley and they live a life together, until she
dies. Rather simple, and rather straightforward. No surprises in this
movie, and yet it is very beautiful one. One would think that to love
is beyond words. But not for Iris. Her life evolved around words, and
she famously said: "Without words, how can one think?" and yet she lost
the ability to speak and think the way we do as she grew old. A rather
ironic turn of events. But the story needed to be told. The love of
John Bayley for Iris, throughout their young years until their old age
was one that needed to be told. It goes without staying that with the
heavy stardom of this movie, with the likes of Kate Winslet, Judi Dench
and Jim Broadbent, acting is superb throughout. Take for example the
scene where John& Iris return from the house of the man who was not the
chosen by Iris as her boyfriend. John is rather disappointed that he
has not read Iris' new book and says so as they walk back through the
sunny street. Iris then turns on the threshold of her house, with a
look of fear in her eyes, and doubt, and this is beautifully played. Or
during the rather touching moments of John swimming in the ocean with
his clothes on. What is more funny and cute than that, that shows love
and simplicity and the joy of life?

For the faint-hearted, this may bring some tears to your eyes, and for
the rest, apart from the imbeciles that would actually not like this
movie (not the ones that'd get bored, that I may understand) but who'd
genuinely not like it, well, that is your problem, because a story has
never been so nicely played out in its simplicity and with little
words, in contrast to Iris' prolific writing.

No reason to put stars for this movie, we are not in class anymore. Go
see it! You will not be disappointed, and you will love it!

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