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  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 07:59:55
    • Director: Kevin Smith
    • Genres: Adventure, Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


Big Kev indulged himself – and for the first time not at the dinner
table – by releasing a film that was basically a road movie featuring
cameos from every famous actor that he had ever met or worked with.

Jay & Silent Bob at the essence is stupid comedy, no orifice is left
unturned, no joke too low, no potty talk too filthy and no bodily
function ignored.

But stupid comedy is rarely this funny.

The plot: Jay and Silent Bob had a comic-book based on their lives. The
comic-book was turned into a film without their knowledge or consent,
so Jay and Silent Bob decide to forego any potential cash from the
project in favour of canning the thing entirely. Rather than make a
phone call or send an email they decide to set off from one coast of
the United States to the other.

There are gay jokes / poo jokes / clit jokes / d*ck jokes / fart jokes
/ masturbation jokes and more, including much mugging towards camera
and plenty of in-jokes for Smith fans.

For Smith there are internet jokes / a Star Wars rip off sequence / a
billion pop culture references / and a monkey…

There are cameos galore: George Carlin / Carrie Fisher / Mark Hamill /
Ben Affleck & Matt Damon (& Gus Van Sant) / John Stewart / Jason Biggs
& James Van Der Beek / Judd Nelson / Diedrich Bader / Tracey Morgan /
Sean William Scott / Wes Craven & Shannon Doherty / Chris Rock / and
Will Ferrell… The best laughs from the cameos? Bader ("Oh what a
lovely tea party") and Damon / Affleck / Van Sant in the Good Will
Hunting sequel ("Applesauce bitch!").

And if you don't understand it all there are three hotties in tight
outfits… and Kevin Smith's missus who tags along with them (sorry

I think it is more a by-product of making a film with a massive cast
but this film has the best performances by Sean William Scott, Ferrell,
Morgan and Chris Rock in many years, only because none is asked to be
on screen for more than 20 minutes at most, as they are all equally
tiresome when you realize that their initial shtick is all that they
have. Ferrell has already started to feel the backlash at his tired
antics, Chris Rock hasn't been a draw for… ever aside from stand up
and Morgan's drop is rapidly approaching.

Ask Kevin himself, he cast Morgan in Cop Out and said "Action" which
helped me prove just that.

Final Rating – 7 / 10. More a series of random encounters with famous
people peppered with jokes than a film. But I have to admit I laughed
quite a bit, once at Ferrell!


I love Kevin Smith films; I'm really a huge fan, but I found this
almost unbearable to watch. Clerks, Dogma and (sort of) Clerks 2 are
among my favourite films, but Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is simply
a bad film.

The film lacks any of the humour that made other Smith films brilliant,
instead replacing it with "hilarious" puns, scatological humour and a
monkey. The choice of actors was decent, excluding Shannon Elizabeth
(why?), and I'll admit there were a few moments which made me crack up,
but overall I was disappointed. Jay and Bob are only funny in small
doses, which is partly why the previous View Askew films were so good.

I give the film 4/10 just for the scenes with Chris Rock, Ben Affleck &
Matt Damon, George Carlin and Mark Hamill.


Jay and Silent Bob turn there jokes made by the Quick Stop into a full
movie in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I consider this the last,
original and yet superb Kevin Smith movie. While some of his later work
impresses me, he seems now to do what he thinks would sell rather than
the original, catchy, and low budget stuff he wants to make. The best
Kevin Smith movies are easily Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy his
first three films all having a small budget and all being extremely
well written with dialog and various scenes that are very funny.
There's also a love story in everyone of those movies, while different,
with the most unique story being in Chasing Amy all the stories are
very original and not anything you would see made nowadays. They have a
very original and true feel to them. Its like people actually talking
not acting.

While "the f word" is uttered more time in this movie than a bar, it
has very humorous and clever moments in the film as well as enjoyable
and unexpected cameo scenes that fit nicely in the plot. I enjoyed
seeing Dante Hicks, Randal Graves, Holden McNeil, and Brodie Bruce all
return in this film. Even for a brief moment, I still enjoyed seeing
their faces. I love all the characters and was happy to see Smith
finally decided to bring them back in another movie. It was like an
apology in 2001 for not having a Clerks or Chasing Amy sequel at the

Jay and Silent Bob (played by Jason Mewes and director Kevin Smith) are
infuriated to find out that a movie based on the comic book characters
they were the basis for is being made by Miramax and they haven't
received a movie check or credit for the characters (Bluntman and
Chronic). They both set out to Hollywood to collect there
"mother…movie check" and "teach those Miramax…." a thing or too.
Jay meets Justice (Shannon Elizabeth) who he falls for, but is unaware
she is on the hunt to steal diamond from a diamond depositary with her
girlfriends Sissy (Eliza Dushku), Missy (Jennifer Schwalbach), and
Chrissy (Ali Larter). Jay and Silent Bob now become deeper in hot water
then they've ever been at the Quick Stop.

Notably by the top notch cameras being improved (rather than the
Super16 and cheapo cameras Smith had shot Clerks and Chasing Amy with)
have vanished and now we have a solid budget of $22 million and a cast
of cameos like Ali Larter, Sean William Scott, and Will Ferrell we can
say that Mr. Kevin Smith is not the low budget film director we knew,
he's changed his ways and his now on to do other newer and more pricey
things. Nothing wrong with a filmmaker improving on his films, but
doesn't any else find it funny that the movies he makes nowadays like
the pricey hits we know as Cop Out, Jersey Girl, and Zack and Miri Make
a Porno aren't as brought up and praised as much as the classics like
Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy? Its like that the stuff he did with
a rock bottom, nowhere budget works are ten times better than the
things with a bigger budget.

Still, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is well played and well acted.
There are some scenes that haven't sat right with me since the first
viewing, like mainly the homosexual humor and other little things, but
without a doubt, Kevin Smith impresses here, and really goes all out to
show the stoners we love on the big screen. The jokes are funny and
most fit nicely. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back maybe the last classic,
but it comes off as a respectable close to the View Askew bests.

Starring: Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Will Ferrell,
Eliza Dushku, Ali Larter, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Brian O'Halloran,
Jeff Anderson, Ben Affleck, and Jason Lee. Directed by: Kevin Smith.

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