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  • Juno
    • Juno
    • Runtime:96 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:03:40
    • Director: Jason Reitman
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Studio:


This well-reviewed film left me somewhat cold. It's a pleasant enough
comedy about teenage pregnancy, with some whippy lines; but none of
them really cut very hard. There's a drippy soundtrack, a geeky guy who
the smart-alec girl eventually falls for (note that you very see films
that work the other way around), and a fairly shallow portrait of
emotional and family life. Director Reitman previously made 'Thank You
For Smoking', which was right-wing and facetious, but which at least
tried to make you think: this movie is frankly soft by comparison. Even
one-liners are funniest when they come from the heart; but although the
characters talk about heartbreak, none of them act like they know what
it means.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

maybe its because i just don't find teenagers that interesting. well
actually someone like Ree in winter's bone is interesting, but Juno?
no. Yep she is faced with a dilemma, pregnant at sixteen, and yep she
deals with it, with a certain amount of chutzpah, that might impress
her neighbours and the like. but the big screen? for one and a half
hours? is this really such a subtle, original piece, worthy of an Oscar
nod? I find Juno's precocity irritating, as indeed most teenagers are.
she likes music, has eclectic tastes, yeah and….!! she is oh so world
weary, and cynical …. yeah,at sixteen! and for some reason we are
meant to see this as unusual fora sixteen year old girl. well i don't
know about you, but this pretty much described half my rather
conventional school friends of my own teenage years –

struggling with a teenage pregnancy and exploring a wholesome ending
might be worthwhile viewing, but i found everything about the
exploration dishonest. the film was intent in provoking the audiences
respect for this putatively spiky sixteen year old, and did not delve
into any deeper issues. It was so superficial, and to my mind
frustrating for a more challenging and honest story is there to be had
with pretty much the same story line, just not in this film.

the most moving moments, well to me the only moving moments, were
Jennifer garner, playing a prickly middle aged woman desperate for a
child, stripped of her shell as she holds her adopted baby for the
first time. and Michale Cara as always is an extraordinary presence but
as the for the rest no, i would rather watch the Brady bunch which at
least has an awareness of its own superficiality.

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