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  • K-PAX
    • K-PAX
    • Runtime:120 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:24:31
    • Director: Iain Softley
    • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


This film doesn't know what it wants to be. Is it about Prot (Spacey's
character) or is it about the psychiatrist and his coming to terms with
his own domestic and professional life? Is it about psychiatric
treatment? Is it about the possibility of life on other planets? The
ending completely falls flat, as if the writer did not know where to
go. How would the Spacey character, a man from the rural backwoods of
New Mexico, who apparently (this is not made clear) works in a meat
packing plant for a living, come to be able to speak so eloquently and
so knowledgeably about life and the cosmos? And why would he travel to
New York? Totally unbelievable. A boring, irritating mess.


Hello,I am Merve.I want to share my thoughts about k-PX.a wonderful
world have been created in the movie.there are incredibly beautiful
designs and inner worlds.you can't help admiring the story.it seems
like that each character has a different past but not the director's
mentioning it makes the story more mysterious.the stunts and special
effects were very well executed.one of the most striking things about
this film is the way Iain softly manages to draw you into the
plot.another aspect of the film which deserves mention is Prot's
life.his life affected me very deeply.in my opinion,k-PX will keep you
guessing throughout and will captivate you with its astonishing(but
believable)twists.If you watch this film,you will have two
alternatives,either you believe Prot or you don't.the choice is yours.ı
chose to believe Prot.because nothing is impossible in life.I strongly
recommend you to watch this film.the result is an exceptional piece of
cinematography which will have you on the edge of your seat.


K-Pax is a very diverse movie.The director Iain Softley is very
successful. He effectively directed this nice movie.And cast's
performances are considerable.Firstly, Kevin Spacey.I admired to his
acting. He is so attractive with his strange attitudes.And the end of
the movie is emotional.I like the words which Prot advised to Mark: The
universe will be expand.And it will collapse itself.Then it will expand
again.It will repeat this process forever.But you don't know is when
the universe expands again,Everything will be exist as now. Whatever
mistakes you make,this time around you will live through on your next
pasts.Every mistake you make,you will live through again and
again.Forever.Some i advised you to get it bright true.Because, this
time,it is only you have.I strongly recommend you to watch this
movie.Cansu Ay from Canakkale.


When I watched it first time in the class, I couldn't understand the
film clearly so I watched it once again. The film was certainly worth
to watch. Prot had a excellent convincing talent. While watching I
really believe that there is a planet like K-Pax. The film is not
boring and everyone watch easily. there are no guns, no bombs and
despite this the film was very exciting as action films. the film also
gives some moral advices. the importance of being human, the values of
family were mentioned in the film very good. after the watching film I
searched the k-Pax planet on the internet but I couldn't find real
things about it.finally after watching film I do not eat bananas

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