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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2
    • Kill Bill: Vol. 2
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:14:50
    • Director: Quentin Tarantino
    • Genres: Crime, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Kill Bill: Vol. 2


Was I satisfied with the finale of Tarantino's epic 4-hour Kill Bill (I
combine Vol. 1 and 2 because you can't watch one volume and not watch
the other; it's the same as watching just half of any film)? Yes. Did
Vol. 2 reach the high standards set by Vol. 1? Not quite, but
nevertheless it was still entertaining. Immediately, you'll realise
that there is more talking and less action than in the first volume.
Several things happen: The Bride deals with the final two assassins, a
flashback of her martial arts training with a Chinese master is shown
and we finally get to see Bill (his face was unrevealed in the first

The pace significantly slowed down in comparison to its predecessor but
it does relatively manage to maintain the suspense just enough to keep
us riveted. A long-drawn flashback to the events that occurred in The
Bride's wedding chapel was much too lengthy for its own good and
unnecessary. The Bride's interaction with the last two assassins felt a
bit disappointing. This time, it is China and its martial arts that
provide the bulk of homages in the film (the first volume being Japan),
presenting Pai Mei, the legendary master who teaches The Bride.

But it is David Carradine that shines as Bill. My first impression of
his performance as the titular character was that it felt much too
unnatural, too over-acted. But overtime, I came to accept that it was
unusually fitting of the ruthless nature unique to his particular
character. The way he talks, every move he makes seems perfectly
calculated. We come to understand why people fear him. Bill is deadly,
make no mistake.

Though not as commendable as Vol. 1, Vol. 2 brings sufficient closure
to one of Tarantino's greatest films. It was an exceptional ride and
you can only feel happy for The Bride at the end. People ask what's the
point of this film; but then again, our world craves senseless
violence, so I think I can confidently state the reason why this film
is so popular is because there are a lot of people out there
entertained by excessive violence. The threatening consequences of our
dying morals is a topic for another time. I suspect this full-length
feature inclusive of Vol. 1 and 2 was made for the sole intention of
gratifying Tarantino's infatuation to create something that is just
shocking and purely violent. Talk about intense self-indulgence. But if
we were ultimately entertained, I guess that can be pardoned.


Since I believe this "movie" should be avoided at all cost as a major
waste of your time there's no need to give any summary. Although what
is worth mentioning is how ridiculously boring, tedious, and pointless
this so-called movie really is. I just finished watching Kill Bill vol.
2 and I am in a state of disbelief over how anybody could find this
movie entertaining. Somebody please tell me the appeal of near endless,
mindless dialog with a great deal of it being completely pointless.
Anti-entertaining is the best way I can think of to describe it. I was
looking for a little entertaining while laying on my bed home from work
sick with the flu, but this "movie" isn't just a disappointment because
its not entertaining, it goes beyond that to induce an actual level of
misery. Bad movies simply are not entertaining, thus this movie is
worse than bad. Its so over-the-top pointless, and don't get me wrong
there is about 20 solid minutes altogether of at least SOMETHING worth
watching. But its so outweighed by the vast majority of unnerving
nothing-ness that is the rest… well just picture an elephant and a
feather on opposing ends of a balancing weight scale. The dialog is so
bad you would be better off sitting in the park listening to two
strangers converse about anything thats not kill bill 2, then to
subject yourself to the torture that is kill bills (a good movie)
sequel. I'm a big fan of Quentin Tarantino and I gave this movie every
benefit of the doubt all the way to the very end but it just kept
getting worse. I thought maybe the "movie" was building to a big
amazing climax at the end since the whole thing was so slow and
agonizingly boring.. But NOPE! the so-called climax of this film is the
most boring, tedious, monotonous, painful 30 minutes or so of the whole
"movie," maybe even film history all things considered. I read all
these reviews of people saying what a masterpiece this film is. To each
their own.. but that must be some kind of mass organized joke. No real
sustained action period. Any fragments of what little action there is
is outweighed a million-to-one by intense blaring boredom. Plot is
irrelevant because before the you even hit "play" its already known
-Kill Bill. No real flow considering all the wacky pointless scenes
with no bearing on the story at all. These pointless scenes can't have
even one positive adjective attached to them, for example "funny" or
"suspenseful" They are just nothing. Forgive my poor grammar in this
review, it was typed quickly during a moment of passion, immediately
following my first -and very much last- viewing of Kill Bill 2.

Mindless talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk about nothing going
nowhere with no point, forever is the legacy of Kill Bill vol. 2. Or
least that of the worst sequel ever made in my humble opinion has a
person who really liked the first one.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes I am aware that these two films were originally supposed to be one
film, but got split up. That still makes Vol. 2 a sequel, and it's one
of those sequels that is better than the first.

I liked the first Kill Bill, it was entertaining, thrilling, graphic,
gory, and there were no gigantic plot holes, at least none that I saw.
But it just wasn't my kind of movie, and this one kind of falls under
the same category. With that said, I still like this movie more than
the first.

The movie follows the Bride, who has already knocked two people off her
death list, with only 3 more to go. She tracks them down, kills, or
blinds, one of them, after she already killed the fourth. So know she
off to destroy the main man, Bill. But when she gets there, she meets
someone that makes it much harder for the bride.

Kill bill volume 2 is a good movie, and one I will probably watch again
sometime in the future, along with the first one. But it isn't the
greatest movie ever, but that's not neccesairly a bad thing.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kill Bill vol.2 is the second part of the epic called Kill Bill and
starts from the point the first volume ended,with the bride driving to
Bill in order to kill him and get her revenge without knowing that the
baby that she had in her belly didn't die despite the fact that she was
shot in the head,fact that comes in the surface in the end of the first
volume.At the same time Bill(David Carradine) and his brother
Budd(Michael Madsen)are discussing about the bride's coming in order to
kill them.A long flashback ensues and we are going back in the place
where the whole revenge thing started.The bride is revealing that it
wasn't a wedding but a wedding rehearsal,while we are watching the
scene when the Viper squad killed everyone in the chapel after the
brief conversation Bill and the Bride had.After the flashback we see
the bride attempting to kill Bill's brother Budd who is by the way a
drunk-ass loser working as a bouncer in a cheap strip
club.Unfortunately she fails and gets her body shot by a shotgun and in
a weird attempt of Budd to kill her and make her suffer he buries her
alive.After that we have a second flashback and we see the bride's
extremely hard training with the Kung Fu Master Pai Mei.After the
flashback the bride is escaping form her casket and goes after Budd
once again.In the meanwhile Budd and the bride's worst enemy Elle
Driver are making a deal considering the bride's katana.In a twist of
fate the movie's ultimate villain kills Budd with her snake but after
that comes face to face with the bride in an epic fight where the bride
triumphs over Elle in a quite gory moment leaving her blind,but having
found out that Elle had killed Pai Mei.Then she finds Esteban
Vihaio,Bill's first fathering image or whatever they call it,giving her
Bill's location.The following scenes are quite sad.The Bride finds Bill
but not alone.Bill is with their child,the one that as i outlined above
wasn't dead.After some touching scenes we are learning the reasons why
the bride left Bill and in the end Beatrix Kiddo(The bride's real name)
kills Bill with a move called "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart
Technique" that Pai Mei learned her while training her.

To sum up Quenitin Tarantino's Kill Bill is a single movie divided into
two parts.The first part is violent,gory and bloody while the second
part is violent too but has more dialog and emotion.The first part is a
homage to the 70's Hong Kong Kung Fu movies while the second part is a
homage to Spaghetti Westerns.To cut the long story short,Kill Bill is
one of the best movies of all time and gets very close to Pulp
Fiction's greatness.Thank you Quentin Tarantino,you are the Godfather
of today's b-movies.

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