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  • Krrish
    • Krrish
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:47:14
    • Director: Rakesh Roshan
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've read a lot of the reviews on here and other places. Many of which
bemoan all the usual things that I have come to expect from reviews of
Bollywood movies; too much borrowing of story, too much romance, not
enough or too much action etc etc, bad acting (actually in this case
all the cast acquit themselves rather well so I struggle to understand
what that is all about).

Anyway, enough of what others have said. Krrish is a charming and
exciting film in which a sheltered young man of extraordinary gifts
goes on a journey of discovery and finds true love. The film starts as
a light, romantic comedy and changes tone as Krishna discovers the
extent of the betrayal that led him to Singapore in the first place,
and that an evil man deprived him of his father for 20 years. The last
forty minutes ratchet up the tension nicely as Krrish fulfils his
destiny as the hero to save the world from the machinations of an evil
man, and save his father too.

Hrithik Roshan is superb. He can act, he can dance (boy, can he dance!)
and in the wire work and action scenes he shows considerable physical
adeptness too. He looks like every girl's dream of the perfect guy as
well (forget Edward Cullen — Krishna is simply PERFECT!).

A brief word about borrowing. Please remember that until Hong Kong and
Chinese cinema came along, Hollywood was a bit clueless — The Matrix
owes its following almost entirely to Asian Cinema.

The romance is sweet without being sickly, especially as there is a
twist to it, the only slight down-note for me was Priya's too too silly
friend. Mercifully her screen time is limited, because her silliness is
really rather irritating. Of course, the romance is aided by the simply
stunning backdrop of the location.

The songs are charming, unobtrusive and slightly forgettable, except
for the circus number. That is a stand-out, not just for the ending,
but for Hrithik's incredible dance skills. He really sets the screen
alight. This number is his chance to showcase what he can do, and he
really gives it his all.

The gear change from soft, pastel colours and gentle romance, to
something much darker and more intense is handled exceptionally well.
The final forty minutes or so are edge-of-the-seat stuff, made even
more so when you realise that the majority, if not all, the stunt work
is done by Hrithik himself. Wire work is intense, dangerous and
requires enormous physical commitment from the guy on the wire, he does
not just dangle from a piece of string. And you really get a sense of
that total commitment as Krrish relentlessly pursues the villain.

Overall, this is a great movie. It packs a lot into its running time
and truly deserves the title of blockbuster. It is a great popcorn
flick, without either excessive gore, or tiresome sex scenes, and all
the better for it. It is entirely different in feel to its predecessor,
Koi Mil Gaya, but retains enough of the source material to make sense
to both the first time viewer and viewers who have come from that first
film. My advice, kick back and enjoy it on its own merits and forget
Hollywood for a while.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't help it, but I simply love this movie. When I first heard about
an "Indian superhero", my curiosity awoke immediately, even though I
hadn't the faintest idea about Bollywood at the time. Since then, I've
seen it many times, and always with pleasure. The entire movie is
carried mostly by the Krrish character: a crossover between Tarzan,
Batman and Neo, I'd say. What I particularly like in him is that in
spite of his supernatural powers, he always remains a naive boy from
the countryside. He cannot fly, doesn't use any gadgets, is not
bullet-proof and unable to turn a person into ice with his touch…
Krrish is simply a bit stronger and faster than others, and he can jump
a little higher. That's about it. Yet, the credits for this charming
character should definitely go to the actor playing it. Frankly, I
can't imagine anybody else playing Krrish as well as Hrithik Roshan

Of course, the movie has a few weak points too, especially when it
comes to the storyline. But then, superhero movies rarely have story
lines that are particularly clever. Still, it is odd that Nisha managed
to give birth to a son, while Rohit had been working non-stop in
Singapore for two years (Krishna and Rohit are similar enough to each
other to exclude the possibility of someone else doing the job for
him). But okay, let's assume Rohit took a short vacation and met his
wife. It is also odd that Krishna at the beginning of the movie meets a
girl, who shortly after convinces him to travel thousands of miles to
visit her in the very same city that by pure coincidence turns out to
be the place where his father is still being kept alive artificially by
the evil genius Dr. Arya. I mean, he didn't go there to save his dad,
did he? Obviously, one of those typical coincidences that Bollywood
seems to be fond of. How often have we seen situations like a fellow
seeing the girl of his dreams in one place, and then completely
accidentally meeting her again in a completely different part of the
world, just a few days later?

However improbable, all these things are still theoretically possible.
But how about this: after Dr. Arya witnesses his own tragic death
caused by Krrish in the near future, he doesn't hesitate, goes to town,
shoots poor Chris Lee whom he believes is Krrish, and returns home
satisfied. But now he finds out he hasn't changed the future at all: in
a few minutes, he is going to be killed by Krrish anyway. And indeed,
Krrish appears. But Dr. Arya is well-prepared, because on this very
moment he has a surprise for Krrish: Priya, the only weakness of the
real Krrish. Could someone please explain to me why Dr. Arya would have
abducted Priya, and when?

Apart from several holes in the script, I still think Krrish is a great
movie. Hrithik Roshan is a fantastic Krrish, and I very much like Dr.
Arya, subtly played by Naseeruddin Shah. Rekha does an excellent job as
the sexiest grandmother ever. Also, it's hard to dislike Chris Lee,
Krishna's Chinese friend. I'm not so convinced about Priyanka Chopra
playing Priya, but several of her later roles prove at least that she
is growing as an actress. Absolutely worth mentioning is also the
wonderful background score by Salim-Sulaiman. The songs, written by
Rajesh Roshan, aren't bad either.

All in all, heartily recommended. Eagerly waiting for Krrish 2.


KMG was kinda decent though childish at times

KRISSH is crap

The comedy is overdone, romance is weak The whole first half is like a
90's movie gone wrong The villain is a jackass

The stunts are good at times but nothing so great in the film

The drama isn't that great and the melodrama is too much

Rakesh Roshan seems stuck in the old time warp Music is okay

Hrithik tries hard and does well in both roles, but at places he
reminds us of Rohit when he is KRISSH Priyanka overacts badly Manini De
overacts too Sharat Saxena is okay Naseer is pure ham

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