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  • Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
    • Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
    • Runtime:81 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:37
    • Director: Steve Oedekerk
    • Genres: Action, Comedy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Kung Pow: Enter the Fist


I remember catching a bit of this movie when it first came out, and
immediately i thought i was witnessing movie history. This for sure
must be the worst movie ever made. I don't throw that title around like
it's nothing, this literally is the worst movie ever made. Anyway, i
stumbled upon it again on cinemax a few moments ago and was curious to
how awful the movie was rated on here. To my surprise it received over
a 5 and im still in shock at the reviews im looking. Some of these
people must have an iq of below 50, because i really cannot see how you
could enjoy it otherwise. Awful and embarrassing and the fact that i
see a new one is production has literally dumbfounded me. C'mon people,
c'mon Hollywood, this trash doesn't deserve to be made. Well i said my
piece and will go back to crying for humanity as i read another good
review. Shame on you people for making this garbage, and i feel so much
pity for those who are entertained by this unfunny, stupid, and awful
movie. 0 out of 10 stars for sure.


Kung Pow (2002)

5 word summary

Chosen one battles against evil

Kung Pow is truly one of the dumbest and most ridiculous film ever
made, it also is one of my personal favorite comedies ever made.

After watching the previews back in 02 I thought this movie looked
stupid, I had no interest in seeing it. The main focus of the trailer
is the battle against the cow and that looked stupid. Most of my
friends at the time thought it looked hilarious. One day, while home
sick, I decided to watch it against my better judgment. And what
happened? I laughed my ass off.

The comedy in it is really, really stupid and yet genius at the same
time. one of those things that prove there's a thin line between genius
and insanity. Right when you figure out the humor they toss in
something you didn't expect that is just so random and hilarious that
takes the film to another level. For instance, the opening scene. We
see a baby fighting a man. He flips all over, pees on him, and soon the
man gets frustrated and burns down the house. The baby flies out the
window and falls down a hill. At this point you think you know the
humor. Alright its immature dumb humor but it seems like it will be OK.
Then we see what the film really is like. The baby lands on a path
going through the hill. A woman picks him up and holds him swaying and
mentioning how cute he is. She turns and walks to the hill and throws
him off saying "bye bye" and the baby continues to fall. So random and
yet it's a remarkably genius addition to the scene. A scene that most
films would have stopped 2 minutes earlier. It's the first clue that
this will not be your average comedy.

Kung Pow has so many great lines. Along with Anchorman and Monty Python
and the Holy Grail, it is one of my favorite movies to quote.

My main problem with the film is the same reason I didn't originally
want to see it. The fight with the cow. I do and always have skipped
that scene, it goes on to long, it doesn't look good, and it's just not
funny. But for some reason that's what the film is remembered for, and
that's a shame.

Other than that I haven't much else to say. The film is definitely not
for everyone and I don't get mad when someone I talk to didn't like it
or the not so high ratings it gets. I understand it's a dumb film but I
do truly believe it is fantastic. If you're willing and open to it
maybe you will see it for the genius it is.



The first time I saw this movie I was sort of stunned. It didn't really
sink in while I was watching it. Sure, I laughed here and there but
overall I wouldn't give it a very good score. However, I do know that
over the years there have been a few comedies that I didn't find funny
the first time I saw them. I remember seeing The Life of Brian in the
theater and I was not impressed. A few years later my friends and I saw
it again in a 2nd run theater and I laughed my a$$ off.

This movie is something like that. I have watched it three of four
times, each time finding it funnier than the last. I just read a review
someone wrote about the girl love interest, and how she's constantly
saying "wee ooh wee yea wee oh oh wee" or something like that. Just
reading that brought tears to my eyes and made me start laughing again.
I have decided to watch this movie again tonight. Lucky for me I own it
as part of my video collection. I can't wait to see it again tonight.

If you get a chance to see this movie, and you love stupid comedies,
please see it. If you REALLY love stupid movies you might want to bring
a change of underwear with you.

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