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  • Let’s Go to Prison
    • Let’s Go to Prison
    • Runtime:84 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:10:41
    • Director: Bob Odenkirk
    • Genres: Comedy, Crime
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Let’s Go to Prison


Black comedy pits career criminal Shepard against innocent doofus
Arnett, whom Shepard manages to railroad into prison on false charges.
Shepard is out to kill Arnett, whose dad, a judge, put Shepard behind
bars on several occasions. But like Inspectore Clouseau from "The Pink
Panther," Arnett turns out to be harder to kill than Shepoard planned
on. Some really funny and very R-rated bits enliven the proceedings,
many of them having to do with acid-filled syringes. Arnett and Shepard
play their roles with a very dry sense of humor. Chi McBridge is along
for the ride as a fellow prisoner in love with Arnett. Not for the
faint of heart, children or chicks. And for those who are patient, wait
until you get to the very unexpected and delightful ending.


Let's Go to Prison is another underrated comedy effort from Will
Arnett. I don't remember a whole lot of details about this film, so
I'll do my best to give you all a satisfactory review. What I admired
about Let's Go to prison was it strives to be unique. A prison is a
very depressing place, very hard to laugh at, but the whole cast was
game, and therefore made for some very entertaining sequences. Chi
Mcbride's role as the gay loving inmate, often had me in stitches.
What's so ironic about it, is that there are a lot of gay's in prison,
and the results are usually horrifying, yet here they are making it all
seem comical!. It was a very risky concept, but the cast, the writing,
and the whole silliness of it all, ends up making it worth the risk.

Performances. Will Arnett and Dax Sheppard are both very good together,
and prove excellent chemistry with one another. Chi McBride is an
absolute hoot as the gay inmate. He stole many of the scenes, with his
disgusting yet howler of a part.

Bottom line. Let's Go to Prison is a fun watch, it really is. It shed a
whole different light on me for Prison's, and took away some of the
terror from it. I'll always be afraid to go to prison, but not this
one. This is one i'll revisit one day, and you should too!.

6 1/2 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chi McBride steals the show in this one, but credit must go, too, to
the writers and the director: LET'S GO TO PRISON takes us boldly where
no behind-bars bromance has ever taken us before- and does so
hilariously. The frank, matter-of-fact acceptance of the hero/victim of
his own plight when he is framed speaks volumes; it's almost as if it's
a given that all Big Business higher-ups are corrupt (and the only real
difference is the small matter of degree). Once behind bars, he takes
to his new situation readily enough and it's here that LET'S GO TO
PRISON ventures into heretofore uncharted territory. The budding
bromance with Chi McBride is fun to watch- and the movie never once
backtracks or tries to talk its way out of it: it's an accepted part of
life behind bars (though it's seldom mentioned, except in SCARED
STRAIGHT situations) (and you thought punks wearing their pants at
half-mast do so because they're emulating men behind bars who have no
belts…)… LET'S GO TO PRISON never punks out.

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