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  • Lie with Me
    • Lie with Me
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2015-03-31 00:14:29
    • Director: Clément Virgo
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


Netflix Canada certainly has some interesting product in their library
and this is one of them.

Lauren Lee Smith plays Leila, a promiscuous 22 year-old with a shock of
auburn red hair and clothes that indeed, as somebody else said, only
would look good on her. Her parents are in the midst of a divorce and
are selling the house. Leila goes around looking for sexual partners
but seems to only be interested in sex and not love.

One day, she is chased around by David (Eric Balfour) who had seen one
of her trysts. He chases her around the summer streets of Toronto to a
park and then for the rest of this movie, Leila has a tug of war
between continuing to be promiscuous and actually settling down and
loving David.

Honestly, this movie is boring. It just moves so slowly and has that
mood where it just wants to scream "I'm an indie film. Accept it." all
night long. They really try to sell the acting in this movie but it has
no spark. Visually, it looks fantastic. Seeing Leila traipse through
Toronto in the summer is great fun and Ms. Smith is a stunner. Balfour
looks like the late pro wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

To be fair, the movie seems to have some original ideas and didn't crib
from other people's works. I just didn't find it riveting or anything.
If it moved a little faster and had more of Polly Shannon, maybe it
would have been better.

My opinion is divided. Anyway, if you're from Canada, you can check out
the movie and see for yourself. It's also funny to see that people are
still talking about it 5 years later. Not too many indie films can say

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