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  • Matchstick Men
    • Matchstick Men
    • Runtime:116 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:22:44
    • Director: Ridley Scott
    • Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Matchstick Men


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nicholas Cage is a fine comic actor, and acted his socks off in this
film, but didn't really save it. He plays a con man (he's not a thief:
he just persuades people to give him their money). With his partner
they make a respectable living from the gullible. However, he suffers
from obsessive-compulsive disorders which bring him into contact with a
shady psychiatrist. He is separated from his wife but has a 14 year old
daughter he's never met. The psychiatrist gets them together, and the
girl turns out to be an excellent con artist in her own right. Suffice
to say, the three of them carry out a major scam, but cage gets double
crossed by his partner and the girl was an accomplice. It all got
rather complicated as to who was doing what to whom, but it had a soft
ending, with Cage becoming a carpet salesman and marrying a nice girl.


This movie has great acting from both the actors, Nicolas Cage and Sam
Rockwell, and the young lady Alison Lohman also does a very good job
acting her role. The movie is not as good as the acting but it is still
definitely a great movie to watch and worth the rental/time involved.
It is hard to review a movie like this because it is about con men
doing a heist and there are obviously twists and surprises and I don't
want to give away any spoilers, but basically it is about two con men
trying to put together a big con on somebody when Nicolas Cage's
daughter gets involved and that threatens to tear things apart. I
recommend watching this movie if you like con/heist stories and if you
are a fan of Nicolas Cage's acting which I definitely am.


I know he won an Oscar for another film (don't get me started on
that!), but this performance is really the one I regard as his crowning
achievement. He's so convincing as a man who's totally out of control
even when he appears to be in control that it's like a spinning top
which doesn't really look like it's moving fast at all.

Sam Rockwell and Cage are partners, if you can call Cage's tic laden
role a man who ever really connects with anybody at all. They con for a
living and are quite accomplished at the game. So when his new
challenge, a teenage daughter he had no contact with up till now,
enters and shakes up his OCD world, this walking, talking repetitive
routine he calls life gets flipped over into something resembling a
normal existence.

The great Bruce McGill appears as someone you don't want to cross,
unless it's out of his way to avoid the inevitable trouble. He fakes
humbleness and charisma perfectly until the cobra he really is gets
uncoiled and strikes.

This is an odd choice for Ridley Scott to direct. I'm glad he made it,
as this film is as great socio-comedically as "Blade Runner" was
poignantly techno-emotional. "Matchstick Men" gets under your skin, in
funny and tragic ways, usually simultaneously. There really are men out
there like Cage's Roy, as disturbing as that might be. Here Cage gets
to be a three dimensional person and not just the human function of a
lame action formula.

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