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  • Material Girls
    • Material Girls
    • Runtime:97 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:10
    • Director: Martha Coolidge
    • Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Material Girls


This movie was top-flight. This movie was der bomb. And all in an okay
way. Being a major fan of the franchise, I was eager to see how the
third would turn out. Knowing someone in the movie biz, who worked on
the movie, Neal H. Moritz (His credits being the producer of the first
THE MATERIAL GIRLS Movies, Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, SWAT, and
more) I got to be the first of many to go to the World Premiere. The
movie was entertaining, not the greatest storyline, but this movie had
the most intense and exhilarating car chases, probably ever put on the
big screen. Lucas Black, the lead in this movie, playing the cool, car
maniac, did a good job to fill the shoes Paul and Vin left behind. If
you are a fan of the first two, I do suggest this movie to you. And
even if you're not a fan, but you are into the beat world of
materalistic femdom, this is your movie. In my opinion, The THE
MATERIAL GIRLS movies, are some of my top favorite movies of all time.
So I must say that even with a somewhat weak storyline, this movie did
earn the title THE MATERIAL GIRLS


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, it is not really bad. True, I watch it just because there are the
Duffs in it but do give some credit to the crews for setting up the
plot quite nicely. I must say the movie has some lame lines and not as
funny as what I would have predicted from Hillary. But, this is
Haylie's breakthrough act. She has a drop dead gorgeous face and a
pretty good smile. Not to mention they boot in two hot guys. Material
Girls has a plot almost familiar to us all because I think they could
have been almost predictable. If they could add in some bizarre moments
in between, it would have been beyond memorable. Not Hillary's best
definitely, but worth a watch for those who are just too bored and need
some romance to spice up their life. Not recommended though to those
who loves action, thriller and will easily feel sleepy when watching a
boring movie.


I usually cannot stand movies with bad acting. My mom loves them but I
won't watch them with her. This movie was absolutely NOT as bad as
people are saying. The story line was predictable, but aren't most of
these girl movies? It's actually a cute movie and is funny at times.
The acting isn't terrible, but not exactly Oscar-worthy. But wouldn't
that be obvious, because most of the actors in this movie are not the
best actors in Hollywood, but they're still good. If you're not into
the girlie movies, then this is NOT for you. If you enjoy them, you'll
absolutely LOVE this! I have it on DVD and still watch it every once in
a while. I love this movie so much!


I was excited when i heard this movie had come out because i'm a fan of
Hilary Duff. when I got free tickets I was really excited even tho i
was writing a university test the following day! unfortunately for me,
i had failed to read any reviews for the horrible movie. During the
movie i kept whispering to my sister all the faults I had with the
ghastly movie like they poor but change into 'rich girl' outfits SO
many times in the movie, the romances are so badly done etc. i hated
this movie so much i was so close to leaving. In the end the only
reason I stayed in the movie and almost lost my will to live was that
my friend who gave me free tickets was loving it and i felt bad. For
the record we are no longer friends. not because of the movie but i
would be lying if i didn't question the friendship after she actually
enjoyed the movie! Probably one of the only movies where I would rather
have been studying than actually watching and for me that is a big big
thing to say

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