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  • MirrorMask
    • MirrorMask
    • Runtime:101 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:24:41
    • Director: Dave McKean
    • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:


This could of been an amazing movie, but one thing was missing. The
story was all in pieces. By the end you do get the whole point of the
story. But up to that point it seems like so much is left out. The
story rushes in parts way too much. This is such a shame because the
visual and art aspect of it was simply beautiful. The cast was also
amazing. Stephanie Leonidas was great and probably my favorite
character was played by Jason Barry. He was very entertaining. Back to
the visual of it all. Very artistically done. Jim Hensen helped with
the film and using his mind with Dave McKean and the writers, they
created such a strange yet satisfying world. It was like seeing a
interesting child's dream with an overcast of a creepy tone. Because
the story was so rushed, I started to get really annoyed watching the
film, but luckily all the visuals really kept me interested enough to
want to see more. Again, that is too bad. I really wanted this film to
be great. I guess the writers had an imagination for the characters,
but couldn't get the story down very well on paper.


With Jim Henson's name attached to it, I was very curious to see
"Mirrormask". After having seen it, I was very disappointment. While
the Tim-Burtonesque scenery was very original, the sub-par (for 2005)
CGI made it look like a mediocre computer game which took away much of
the magic this film could have had. Stop motion or the typical Henson
style puppets could have saved this film, however for some reason
(budget?) they did not pick that option.

Besides that, the main character had little personality and her
behavior was not believable for someone trapped in a surreal
nightmarish dream world. The plot wasn't really compelling either and
the ending was just lame. Besides that, for most of the film I was
wondering how long it would take until it's over and that's usually not
a good sign.

"Nightmare Before Christmas" was a wonderful surreal and dark little
story that captivated the hearts of many viewers and "Mirrormask" tries
to be something similar but unfortunately it failed at many levels.


I just came across this movie not that long ago. Well to be more
precise I just seen this movie not long ago. I had seen it on a shelf
before and had wanted to see it but kept forgetting to look it up.

I now own it and it's one of my favorite movies. I absolutely love the
visuals, the characters, and just really everything about this movie.
Also like how it keeps me guessing in a good way. Not many people seem
to know about this movie and most of the ones that do only have good
things to say about it. One things for sure, I'm glad I'm one of the
ones that has seen it. Even though it's in the kids movie section I'm
not sure if that's where I would put it. I think it mostly has to do
with being represented by the Jim Henson company but I can't be sure.

I know this movie isn't for all people but Id definitely recommend it.
I'll go on a limb and call it a family movie. Although some images
might scare little ones. Most do call it a family movie though and with
it being in the kids section who am I to disagree.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow. What a delightful and beautiful addition to children's fantasy
films. The Jim Henson Company's name is on the film and being a long
time fan of Jim Henson, I'd have to believe this is a film he would
have loved and been proud to be associated with. This is no mild Disney
affair. It's dark and eerie and ominous. Like the small handbook and
the old woman in the mask matter-of-factly state, "don't let them know
you're afraid", when referring to a bunch of weird paper cut-out cat
things. I also thought the sinister cover of the seventies Karen
Carpenter pop tune 'Close To You' was trippy.

The amazing CGI FX were achieved, from what I hear, on a low budget.
Hard to believe since the FX look better than most large budget fantasy
films I've seen. Some people couldn't relate or get into this film. Too
bad. Their loss. I guess the budget wasn't big enough or there wasn't
enough commercial hype or appeal here. This film definitely didn't feel
at all commercial. Maybe those people are frustrated and sad, or maybe
they're waiters.

As for the people who love the film, keep on truck'in. I think
SpaceMonkey from Puerto Rico spoke for us all by saying the film was
"just incredible".

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