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  • Mr. Bean’s Holiday
    • Mr. Bean’s Holiday
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:05
    • Director: Steve Bendelack
    • Genres: Comedy, Family
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Mr. Bean’s Holiday


I really like the series and the first Mr.Bean movie in my opinion was
good. Having Mr.Bean goofing around on a holiday in France sounds like
a great idea, but this movie is far from it's premise. In the
beginning, they build up a mood that soon something funny is going to
happen, but no. Nothing happens. And that is pretty much the whole
thing with this movie.

There are potential scenes, but they just aren't funny. The kid isn't
funny at all, but he has a lot of screen time. Most of the funny parts
are not well introduced, and they are stretched to boredom. There are
funny moments, but only few. For a 90 min comedy, less than ten funny
moments are not enough. Most memorable funny moments are related to
Mr.Bean's comments, and having almost a mute character, it is

In the series, the whole idea is based on this weird character doing
rather regular stuff, but in odd and funny way. In the first movie, the
other characters were talking a lot and there was a plot, which make it
feel bit weird, but in the end, the Bean character was in the centre
and he was pretty much the same as in the series. In this movie
however, he just looks like Bean, but doesn't feel like him. Most of
the time, he is not on the screen, and when on it, he is not doing
anything worth of even for a smile.

Biggest problems with this movie are the chaotic story telling and lack
of jokes. This movie is just a botch!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This kind of movies remind me of the good days of Hollywood, when there
was no cgi graphic boom boom. A movie – of complete fun. A 6 star – out
of 10 only represents how much morons live in this world who got no
humor.Rowan Atkinson is great,flawless in every single frame. i really
get amazed how old he is actually, coz i saw him in TV screen since my
childhood – but he is still the same. How come ! He , and his movies -
are legend. I don't know about others, but i want this kind of little
laughs – at least they don't hurt. A must – see movie. Not only there
is laugh – but there is more ! Mr. Beans is now in 2007, so the
circumstances and public reaction of his weirdo things have changed. So
we now see MR. bean running from polices when he was caught in security
cam. I don't want you to be more spoiled… so watch it and see it fr
yourself !


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mr Beans holiday is the sequel to the original bean film and believe me
this is candidate for worst film of 2007. i am from england and being
very familiar with the Mr bean series i thought this would be a okay
sequel to the average original film. the problems with this film are
obvious, Reason number 1 there is no build up as to bean winning the
trip to France as in the first minute he wins the raffle, reason number
2 the repetitive sequences of bean getting himself in situations are
strung together and are not inventive at all,reason 3 the main
character speaks little and. the supporting cast speaks french which is
not for people who want to watch casually and finally reason 4, the
sort of villain is boring and willem defoe seems bored out of his mind
making this rubbish, the ending is boring and predictable and truly is
not worth it, i had a choice between watching this and the simpsons
movie at the cinema and i am glad i watched the movie at home and saved
some money. the simpsons movie maybe disappointing but it is Oscar
material compared to this tripe 1 out of 10.


When this film began, I noticed a major problem at the beginning–and a
problem that often plagues TV shows that are brought to the big screen.
Instead of using the original writers who made the show so amazing,
all-new writers were responsible for this film. Why idiots in charge of
film companies do things like this is beyond me. So, from the outset, I
was unimpressed and a bit baffled. I would have MUCH preferred to just
see the simple sort of skits done the way they were so expertly done on
the show–and the same problem existed with the first Bean film. No new
locations, no guest stars to take away from the glory that is Bean and
the same old writers that made it one of the best comedies in TV

The film finds Mr. Bean winning a raffle which gave him a trip to
Cannes. Along the way there, he naturally gets into various problems
and leaves a wake of destruction. Ultimately, his weird ways result in
a man missing his train–and his young son is stuck on the train to
Cannes alone. Bean, in an unusual display of conscience (something he
generally seems devoid of in the past), he decides to help the
kid–though it took his missing a train to get him to do this. What
makes this a little tougher is that the kid only speaks Russian.

In many ways, this plot is rather reminiscent of the "Mind the Baby Mr.
Bean" TV episode–though it throws in some pathos and schmaltz
involving worried parents wondering about what has happened to their
missing kid. Pathos is really something rather un-Bean like. Normally,
the consequences of Bean's actions on others is rarely shown for more
than a second or two–as people are usually more like objects in the

Overall, it IS a decent film despite my being terribly disappointed in
it. For people who never raw the original show, they'll probably like
it a lot more than crazed folks like me who own DVDs of the original
shows and think they are the greatest things on the planet! The main
problem are that there's just too much plot in the film and the writing
and pacing are wrong–making it enjoyable but a shadow of the original.
On the plus side, the scenery in the film is nice and it does make you
want to visit the French countryside. And, while it had almost nothing
to do with Bean, I really liked the self-absorbed director's film
(Willem Defoe) BEFORE Bean got a hold of it–it was a wonderful
commentary on some film makers and it makes you wonder who they might
have been parodying.

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