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  • Nina's Tragedies (2005)
    • Nina's Tragedies (2005)
    • Runtime:1 hour 50 minutes
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:20:53
    • Director: Savi Gavison
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Studio: Wellspring Media
MOVIE REVIEW:Nina's Tragedies (2005)
Auhtor:Savi Gavison

   Nina's Tragedies unfolds in a series of funny and touching journal entries from sensitive 14-year-old Nadav (Aviv Elkabets), who is experiencing an intensely emotional time in his life. He has been asked by his wild, recently divorced mother Alona (Anat Waxman) to move in with his Aunt Nina (the luminous Ayelet July Zurer) to help comfort her following the death of her husband in a terrorist attack. Nadav is happy to comply since he has a hopeless crush on his stunning aunt. From this starting point, Gabizon's film takes off in a myriad of different directions, exploring Nadav’s friendship with a local peeping tom, his jealousy and feelings of betrayal over Nina's love affair with an eccentric photographer, and his search for unconditional emotional acceptance from his dying, deeply religious father. In vividly exposing the very human predicaments of these characters, Gabizon speaks volumes about the people of contemporary Israel, effectively mixing quirky humor with deep, sympathetic drama. Nina's Tragedies is also noteworthy for the way it refuses to take a particularly political approach to its story, making this the rare Israeli film to examine the needs and emotions of its characters without focusing specifically on the country's turbulent background.

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