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  • Norbit
    • Norbit
    • Runtime:102 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:08
    • Director: Brian Robbins
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unlike the world, I see that (Norbit) has a good story and script. I
liked the characters, the romance, and the climax. Sure there is a
solid and cute romantic comedy there. The tragedy though is that they
tarnished the cake with mud !

I recalled the 1980s; maybe for the simplicity or the bright colors.
And the 1950s as well; (Jerry Lewis)'s comedy, the defeated lead, and
the small city for that matter. But the 2000s was overwhelming, in a
bad scene. Look at the free filthy jokes (ALL UNFUNNY), the farts, the
profanation, the crude humor, and the (Rasputia) !

(Eddie Murphy) does what's hard so easy. I think he'd be rated fairly,
for his efforts here, later. Giving 3 Razzie Awards for his 3
characters was harsh. He made a memorable (Mr. Wong) and a poor
(Norbit) with constant weeping expression. On the contrary he made
(Rasputia) obnoxious to freaky extent. They went so so so far with that
character, and on all the levels; writing, modeling its shape,
performing,…etc. For 90 % of her time on screen I had such a disgust
grin; something a comedy doesn't aspire to. The supposed-to-be-comic
moments, like washing the car or wearing a bikini, were truly emetic !

The special effects were almost perfect, but so forgotten among the
violent slapstick and the loose ugliness. Review an important moment
like when the lead must catch up with the heroine before getting
married to the wrong guy; he has a chase to win, while using 2 friends
to delay the priest in the same time; OK, this is a classic situation,
that had been done in numerous cinemas, with guaranteed thrill and fun,
but not in here, because the sermon of the 2 pimps in the church was
beyond obscene, being too blasphemous to stand.

As you see; every nice element is haunted by something nasty, as if
it's a lovely melody yet with loud lyrics, so the final song is between
Nat King Cole and Flavor Flav !

…And I just watched the censored version !


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had no expectations to see this movie so when it was on TV last night
I said to hell with it I will give it a shot as I like Eddie Murphy.

In this movie NORBIT Murphy plays not one not two but three charcthers
in this movie(Norbit,Mr Wong & Rasputia). The film is about a
mild-mannered man who is in love with his childhood sweetheart and as
she left the orphanage as she found a new family Norbit meanwhile is
now married to a fat woman named Rasputia(Murphy donning a prosthetic
suit and mask thanks to the special makeup effect's man Rick Baker who
also did Susan Sarandon in Enchanted as the old hag).But when Norbit's
childhood sweetheart returns with a new man(Cuba Gooding Jr from Rat
Race) he is heartbroken but her new man is after her money to open a
strip club.

Some parts were funny like the one where Rasputia is getting in the car
and her boobs are in the way and when she is on the slide and she goes
straight threw the wall and into the kids swimming pool but the rest
was so stupid,I mean come on Eddie Murphy has been doing this
prostheitc crap for long enough he did it in Nutty Professor and
portrayed 6 charcther's and he did a bit in Dreamgirls but seriously I
think Murphy is trying to quit Hollwood if you ask me cause his just
not the same funnyman as he was back in the 90s or when he was doing
Donkey in Shrek.

The film I think won a raspberry award for worst movie and I can see
why.The only thing I give credit to is to Rick Baker who did the
prosthetics for Murphy and when I saw him as the Chinese man I was like
is that Jackie Chan or is it just some other actor and when I found out
it was Murphy I was like wow that Baker dude is awesome.

Anyway i'll give this a 3/10 and once is enough to see it as it is


I do like Eddie Murphy, and he has made some good films especially
Beverley Hills Cop, 48 Hours, Shrek, Coming to America and Trading
Places and Nutty Professor is better than it is made out to be. But
then he made some horrible films as well, Norbit unfortunately scraping
the bottom of the barrel. While not the best and most original story, I
liked the idea for Norbit. So what ruined it? Eddie Murphy is good when
given good material and doing numerous roles seemed great at first, it
worked in The Nutty Professor. However, the characters he plays
especially Rasputia are really clichéd and stereotypical. The film
looks cheap too, and the direction does nothing to showcase Murphy's
talents. The worst part were the jokes, none of them were funny, in
fact some of them were pretty offensive especially the ones at the
expense of Rasputia's obesity, and any film involving gags about oral
sex, bikini-line waxing or plans of turning the orphanage into a titty
bar makes me wonder why the certificate isn't higher. Thandie Newton
looks beautiful and does try, but in the end it is yet another case of
wasted talent. The only redeeming quality was the make-up, that was
actually quite impressive, but with such a poor film with a script and
jokes as diabolical as they are and stereotypes as long as your arm
that seems like faint praise. Best avoided. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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