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  • Perfect Opposites
    • Perfect Opposites
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2013-05-25 21:50:45
    • Director: Matt Cooper
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Perfect Opposites


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As much as I love the perpetual eye-candy known as Mr. Martin
Henderson, I couldn't stomach this movie at all. Piper 'Julia Roberts
wanna-be' Perabo is a very irritating excuse for an actress (I've only
liked her in one role from her entire career thus far and I've
forgotten the title of that film so don't ask) trust me I gave this one
my all but I stopped watching after 15 minutes because I felt like I
was wasting my time. I didn't like the fact that Martin's character was
doing a voice-over either as that sort of thing is flipping' clichéd.
He kept pausing and rewinding scenarios as if watching it once wasn't
torture enough. Please save yourselves and watch something better
instead of this fluff.


From the beginning this movie had a nice story,a bit predictable but
you can't see much creativity in teen movies : all come back to the
same story : young people falling in love(you know the end).But even if
it's not the best comedy/romantic I saw I must admit it's pretty
interesting and the acting is good.The acting really makes you
interested,moves you in a certain way.It's a good take-home movie.The
story puts you in a romantic mood,it even makes you feel a bit sad
because of the breaking-up part.But as in almost all romantic movies it
has a nice ending leaving you with the feeling that even in real life
love conquers all,even it's not completely true.It's worth seeing and I
had a comfy evening watching it.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i don't even know where to begin. maybe we should start at the awful
selection of wardrobe: the high cut pants in floral prints, worn in
every scene by a supposedly popular,'hot' lass. not working, especially
given that it was made 10 years after they went out of fashion.
secondly the characters were both hideously unlikable. ironically,
considering the name of the film, neither were perfect and by the end
of the first scene i found myself wishing both them and myself were
dead. i hoped it couldn't get any worse and stuck out the other 70
minutes.. but miraculously it managed to descend to a new low in script
writing and film that i never knew existed.. leaving the climax to be a
guy wiping his nose with a tortilla. i'm giving it a '2' merely for the
performance of the acupuncturist, who did an outstanding job,
unfortunately did not end up killing drew with his needles like i had
hoped. maybe if they would've considered adding a scene like this in it
might have managed a '3'. all i can say is i'm glad i didn't have to
pay money for it, although i am rather sad i wasted a free voucher on
it and i now need counseling, which is costing me a fortune.. so really
it didn't end up being free after all =[ at least now i have the
comfort of knowing that if i fail life i can write a ridiculously s***,
supposedly 'romantic-comedy' and it'll have as good a chance as this
movie of being made onto DVD. better luck next time folks. actually..
don't bother trying again. peace out.

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