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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-09 18:08:40
    • Director: Gore Verbinski
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is hard to understand what producers/writers were thinking with some
of the developments in the latest entry in this series. Although the
story does not seem as "busy" as the last film, the action is still all
over the map and truly hit or miss. The charm and fun of the original
is nearly missing this time around. Characters are dispatched with nary
a thought – including some underage characters – that casts a pall over
the entire production. It takes a good while for the heroes – now led
by the revived Barbossa – to travel to the netherworld to rescue
Captain Jack Sparrow from "hell" and return to challenge nemesis Davy
Jones (an unrecognizable Bill Nighy in impressive squid make-up) and
snide government stooge Tom Hollander for a final battle. Despite
showing up late, Depp carries the film relentlessly forwards by still
making Captain Jack a character that one simply MUST watch. Geoffrey
Rush's return as Barbossa is more than welcome and provides a nice
counterbalance to Depp. Supporting cast members are not served nearly
as well as in the previous films with Jonathan Pryce, Jack Davenport,
Naomie Harris, etc., getting particular short shrift. Keira Knighley's
role gets magnified to outrageous proportions with each successive film
- she has fairly usurped much of what could have been Orlando Bloom's
role. It isn't that she is bad, but that Elizabeth Swann never seems to
have the "heart" that Will Turner brought as a central character. If
Knightley is overused, then conversely Bloom should sue – because his
role has become so inconsequential and ill-conceived. The film really
loses something by shifting so much focus away from him. Bloom is
sorely misused here. The final moments can complimentary be described
as chaotic – definitely for fans of sound and fury over content and
charm. While it is great to imagine that the antagonistic relationship
between Sparrow and Barbossa will continue, virtually no one will be
pleased with how writers have chosen to conclude the fate of Will
Turner or his relationship with Elizabeth Swann. And what is with these
film's penchant for having characters uncharacteristically betray each
other at the drop of a hat? It does nothing but distance them from the


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

thankyou crew for finally understanding the write way to do a pirates
movie again. do it like you did the first one. for one and this was a
very good move they brought back barbossa and teamed him up with jack
sparrow. very good combination. i didn't like barbossa as the bad guy
better as good guy. again like the first and second it had a great plot
and didn't put as much comedy as they did the second one which was a
good idea.bill nighly did a lot better as his role as davy jones than
he did in the second one and showed a little bit of background on how
he became what he is. this movie was basically deception. every
character was selling out the other. which was a good thing and very
gutsy. they could damage the popularity of the characters but they
didn't. you still liked turner and elizabeth and barbassa and ocourse
sparrow. but all the deception was all about the same thing. trying to
stop the bad people so it worked out very well. johnny depp of course
gave an awesome performance as jack sparrow and still remains one of my
favoite characters and always will. and a lot of other people feel the
same way as i do as well.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First and foremost, this is a good movie, nothing more, nothing less.
It's not groundbreaking or a movie I would immediately think of when
someone asks me what are some of the best movies out there. It's just

Anyway, this movie serves as a conclusion to, what now appears, to be
the first trilogy in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Does it serve
as a suitable ending? No. This is the reason why this movie falls
short, because there are so many things that were left in the open and
so many characters were never used to their full potential.

For one thing, characters such as the Kraken and Norrigton were killed
off with their potential never realized. The Kraken literally only
shows up once as a corpse, why? The movie gives one line of dialogue
that can be easily missed that explains how it died. This creature, who
was such a great part of the second movie, should have been given a
much more epic send off. I thought that so much could have been done
with the Kraken, with the epic battles at the end, and was looking
forward to the heroes making a clever and complex plan to finally
destroy it. Some people say that it would've have been impossible for
them to kill, hence why the creators just offed it. No, in these
movies, and this one proves it, anything can be pulled off.

Norrington could have also been a great character to expand upon and
become a pivotal character in the final battle. Nope, he decides to
betray his side again and gets killed off, lame. What about Will's
father? Oh, three scenes and absolutely serves no part in the story
either. Speaking of betrayal, geez, was that plot point over down in
this movie. In one scene alone, there are over five betrayals by the
various characters. This is why this movie is so hard to follow, it's
because it's complex. Complex movies have a well written story that has
good twists and turns throughout the ride and comes together at the
end. Here you have a convoluted story where the it seems the producers
made it up as they went along.

Along with that the script was absolutely horrendous in this movie in
which horrible lines are said in an epic and dramatic fashion. Ex: "The
ill material has become…ill-material". I'm sorry am I listening to a
speech by George Bush or a movie? In all seriousness though, this movie
has dozens of horrible lines, from Jack giving a speech about cuddle
fish that makes no sense, to Barbossa and Jack going back and forth
like children. These two characters are way too clever to simply only
come up with "have to, have not" as comebacks in an argument. The
story, while overall good, has some seriously silly moments (Elizabeth
becoming the pirate king)that are meant to be taken seriously.

Okay, by now it sounds like I hate this movie, so why do i think it
good. The acting I thought was terrific as usual, especially Depp and
Rush, despite the horrible script. The battle sequences and fights were
amazing to watch and were very intense and kept my interest, the fight
between Jones and Jack is particularly exciting. And despite some
ridiculous plot points and open questions, the ending does feel closed
with the character's stories tied up and all the villains and their
plans distinguished.

Overall, this move was exciting, but could have been 10 times better if
they used more of the potential of certain characters and plot points.
I think the trilogy deserved a more epic final chapter, but it's
definitely worth a watch and is always to good to pop into the DVD
player every once and a while.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A quaint and satisfying ending to a most successful trilogy since the
matrix. Pirates of the Caribbean has ushered in a new era of action
with new characters, and new plots. At World's end, was quite fabulous
to say the least, seeing the old friends of Sparrow, Barbosa, and the
new added feature of Keith Richards who plays Sparrow's father was
ingenious. The race, to finally put an end to Davy Jones, but to do
that, the Bretheren Accord must free Calypso. A goddess of the sea who
in her own mind keeps those floating to destinations across the ocean,
or… Sink them if they do not obey the rules. The brethren agrees to
release Calypso from her earthly bonds as a human, but in return,
Barbosa seeks safe passage for his endeavours. Will turner is still on
his mission to free his father, and Miss Swan has earned a Captains
status among a Chinese Cutter who was led by Sao Feng (Chow Yun Fat).
Through his demise, he had given the status to her as an apology. But
Beckett, wants his prize, and to do that he must eliminate the entire
Bretheren by force of the Majesty's Royal Naval Fleet. Yet in a twisted
turn of fate, Will is killed during a fierce battle at sea with Davy
Jones and Beckett who is in league with Jones. yet as with all things,
Sparrow rescues him by stabbing the heart, albeit by use of Will's dead
hand on the knife. Now Jones is lost, Will is the new captain of the
Dutchmen, and Beckett… well he's in Turners locker. All in all a
great and wonderful trilogy. New battles, and new friends of the
Bretheren. This shows true camaraderie in its pure form. No hesitation,
no wants or needs, just brute fighting for which the pirates of the old
know only too well. An excellent action film for all to watch.

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