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  • Poolhall Junkies
    • Poolhall Junkies
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:26:14
    • Director: Mars Callahan
    • Genres: Drama, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Poolhall Junkies


This is one of those rare movies that grows on me after multiple
viewings. Being an avid pool player, and holding movies like "The
Hustler" (and to a lesser extent) "The Color of Money" as the all time
pool classics, I didn't even pay mind to this movie until eight years
after its release. And with that said, it keeps the tradition of pool
hall hustling and gambling alive for Generation Xers and Yers.

I admit upon first viewing there were too many distracting flaws that
overwhelmed my ability to enjoy it. However, once I was able to look
past its inconsistencies and get to the essence of the story and the
characters, I found it to be an energetic and inspired work with some
great (however small) performances by Rick Schroder, Chazz Palimenteri,
Christopher Walken, and the late, great, Rod Steiger.

There is no doubt that die hard pool aficionados will find the game
sequences to be outlandish and exaggerated. But if I recall, so were
many of the scenes in "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money". After
all, this is an action movie glorifying pocket billiards. It's not an
instructional video.

Whether or not you really love the game of pool, the art of hustling,
the risk of high stakes gambling, and the resulting camaraderie that
hanging around a pool hall can bring, give this movie a try or two. I
think you'll ultimately enjoy it.

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