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  • Raising Helen
    • Raising Helen
    • Runtime:119 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:06:44
    • Director: Garry Marshall
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Raising Helen


I saw this on TV several times and I quite liked it. The movie tells
the story of a party loving gal who's sister died in a car crash. When
her sister died she wrote her a letter saying that she is her
children's guardian. Of course at first she is having second thoughts
but she agrees with the letter and she brings the 3 kids(Abrigal
Breslin,her real life bro Spenser & Hayden Panterrie from Heroes)to her

As the 3 kids move to a new home and school Helen(aka Kate Hudson)
meets a reverend (played by John Corbett) and the two become smitten.

As Helen finds it hard to mind the kids she realizes that minding
someone else's kids can be hard work.

This film is a pure rip off of No reservations which was boring/the new
flick with Katherine Heigl Life as we know it. Personally Hollywood are
getting bored with their jobs and they like to repeat the same thing
again and again.

If you like movies where someone dies and the person who lost their
sister or brother has to mind their kids then check it out on DVD.


Really nice movie about family,career and love, without sex and naughty
stuff. Well the lesson you can learn from this movie, Being a parent is
not easy, when it start mostly peoples will think its just an easy job,
but in the middle you gotta feel how hard is it,separate your job from
your children,feed them, have fun with them, you probably gotta get
crazy with all of it, maybe gotta lost your job too and it all depends
on you how you gonna mix up and manage all your career,family and other
stuff together or maybe you gonna need to choose between one of its. So
in this movie it mostly tell us how to do and how to choose that! Kate
Hudson playing nice acting in this movie, i just love it her face when
she back home and found out Audrey have a party with her school
friends, haha

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