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  • Real Women Have Curves
    • Real Women Have Curves
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-17 12:18:56
    • Director: Patricia Cardoso
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Real Women Have Curves


I did like this film. It was a strong character driven story. The
relationships with the women were very compelling. I could believe what
I was seeing on screen for the most part and was able to start caring
in what was happening from the beginning. I enjoyed the back and forth
with Ana and her mother. I don't think it was over done in the telling
of it. I heard in the director's commentary that the director was
worried that the mother might have been played too heavy handed, but I
think it work out fairly well.

I particularly cared for the unresolved conclusions at the end of the
picture, it was refreshing in how no punches were pulled. I think it
was a very brave move. Overall all the women roles were strong, where
the story suffered was the male roles were a little weak, everyone
except the male teacher could have been played better. The dialogue
with the boyfriend felt empty and wanting, there was no chemistry there
or even a curious connection. The thought that anything happened there
leaps a great chasm of disbelief. As far as the father and grandfather
were concerned I thought that they were merely place holders. And sadly
so because I felt nothing. The film never fleshed that relationship out
and likewise was insufficient reason for Ana to stay in LA. This was a
major flaw in the story, the fact that there were not enough reasons
why Ana should stay where she was.


Immigration has been always an issue for Mexican's of low and middle
class. Real Women Have Curves is a comedy film that was published in
2002 directed by Patricia Cardoso, produced by George LaVoo and written
by Josefina Lopez. In addition, this film got seven awards from
different organizations. Ana Garcia as America Ferrera is the
protagonist of the film. Lupe Ontiveros as Carmen is Ana's mother who
plays a major role in Ana's social life. Estela as Ingrid Oliu who is
Ana's sister takes part in Ana's career life. Ana's high school teacher
Mr. Guzman as George Lopez also participates strongly in Ana's academic
life. Finally, Ana's father Raul Garcia as Jorge Cervera Jr does not
cooperate effectively like Carmen in Ana's life.

Ana lived in a poor Mexican American family in Los Angeles. Therefore,
this encouraged Ana to provide more efforts in her academic career.
Nevertheless, Ana is a smart senior Beverly Hills high school student,
which is considered as one of the best high schools in California.
Ana's efforts made her a good student at high school. However, Ana was
around to graduate and her family decided to let her work with her
sister Estela at her dress factory. This depressed Ana a lot since she
had excellent grades in high school. Yet, Ana worked at her sister
factory while she was trying to convince her family to let her complete
her academic career. Nevertheless, Ana get supported by her teacher in
high school Mr. Guzman who was impressed from Ana due to her academic

Acting in a flexible way was one obvious aspect in Real Women Have
Curves film. The actors were seeking a film that represents the Latin
impact on this group of people who live in the United States. Thus,
Ana's family was outgoing people who are seeking joy through their
daily activities. A clear illustration for that is when the actors show
how they act normally in their social life and in their jobs. For
instance, when Estela, Ana and the other women who works in the factory
start dancing wearing bikinis and work at the same time. Another
essential aspect of the film is playing the music with the scenes in
different languages depending on the speaking language. The director
Patricia Cardoso was succeeding in placing every scene with the
appropriate music. Moreover, choosing Spanish music provides a Latin
face of the film. A clear image for the previous point is when Ana's
family suddenly starts speaking by Spanish depending on the events that
are happening. For example, Carmen was famous by changing her language
in an unexpected way, which makes the director play a Spanish kind of
music when she is talking.

In conclusion, Real Women Have Curves is one of the best movies that I
have ever seen since I moved to the United States. This is because the
film was Comedy in a different way in terms of the reality and the way
of acting. As a result, I would give it 4.5 out of five that is because
all of the film staff were not famous before this movies.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

By looking at the title of the film "Real Women Have Curves," audiences
can clearly know that film will talk about a group of women who have
different sizes as others. This culture movie talked about a Mexican
American family's life in L.A. The main character Ana is an American-
born girl who has an old fashion Mexican-born mother. Sometimes they
have had hard times communicating with each other because they grow up
in different cultures and her mother Carmen always convinced Ana to do
some things as her. This film has own style, which made it more special
than others, such as the characters' chosen and their authenticity.

Most female characters in the film were not good-looking women. It
helps us related to real Mexican Americans look like. The main
character Ana was a regular high school student who was not as other
girls who make up and dress up nicely to go to school everyday. She
cared about her schoolwork and she tried hard to convince her family to
agree with her to continue her education. However, her mother Carmen
thought that Ana should stay home, take care of men and get married to
a nice person instead of thinking about college. Therefore, after Ana
graduated from high school, her mother convinced her to work in her
sister's dress factory which Ana was not very happy about doing. In the
dress factory, most workers came from Mexico, wanting to have job in
the U.S. However, even though they work hard making dresses, they did
not get paid enough, only receiving $18 for each dress and each of them
will be sold at $600 in the stores. When Ana heard this unfair
business, she wondered why her sister still doing the job that she
didn't even get paid fairly. One day in the factory, Ana felt so hot of
working in the humid room which did not have any conditioners. Ana did
not care about what her mother said concerning how fat she was, she
just took off her clothes to cool herself. Her mother thought Ana was
crazy and she felt very embarrassed that Ana didn't care about her
appearance and body size. Her mother always said that Ana was too fat
and she needed to lose weight. Other workers started to talk about
fatness, and all of them thought they were fatter than one another.
They started to take off their clothes to compete with each other to
see who have the fattest body. They didn't think being oversize is a
bad thing and they have confidence in their appearance. In this scene,
audiences can see a truth of these Mexican American women. Even though
they are overweight, they have confidence about their looks. In
addition, it showed they are real women who have curves.

This movie was not only focused on culture and women, it also focused
on the motions of each member of the Mexican American family. Ana's dad
seemed understand what Ana really wanted to do in her future, and he
always stayed positives on Ana's decision. Her grandfather loved Ana
and he respected her decision, too. Her grandfather even helped Ana
dated with Jimmy who is Ana's boyfriend without telling Carmen. Other
family member, such as her sister and boyfriend, all support her for
going to college and continue her education. If you are interested in
Mexican American culture, I recommend you to watch this movie and it
will give you many information of how Mexicans' lives look like in the


The new millennium started promisingly: In 2002, we got to see America
Ferrera, curvy, round and sexy like no other Hollywood film star at
that time. Then, three exhaustingly long years later, the lover of Big
Beautiful Women was highly awarded with Kylie Sparks, leading actress
of "Pizza" (2005). And now? We have just buried the first decade of
this millennium, and it looks less promising than ever. What can a
lover of Big Women do besides consulting the pertinent special fashion
magazines of BBWs, visiting the web sites of a few of them who are
proud of flaunting with what they have gotten? In TV nor film you don't
see them. They cannot make carrier unless they loose "willingly" the
substance that turns them from being beautiful into being gorgeous.
Unfortunately, so did Mrs. Ferrera. Allegedly, I have read, she looks
more appealing than ever. A terrible lie! For a real lover of BBW's,
watching one of the several sex-scenes in Hollywood movies is as
enjoyable as watching a gay-striptease.

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