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  • Replicant
    • Replicant
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:42
    • Director: Ringo Lam
    • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:


First, i found the 5.0 rating TOO LOW for this movie, this movie
deserves at least a 6.5.

Looking at the cover, the rating, the plot, the cast and everything
else i was expecting your average B-actioner. Replicant is not one of
those action movies where everything gets destroyed, there is a lot of
character development and it's well made.

Jean Claude Van Damme has 2 roles, playing both the villain and the
"good" guy, acting snobs will probably notice that JCVD's acting got

The action scenes are cool and they are directed with a lot of effort
and energy

Replicant is directed by Ringo Lam, (he did the best JCVD flicks
Maximum Risk, In Hell and this movie), a very good Hong Kong director,
he did a better American debut than John Woo in my opinion.

Overall, Replicant was better than expected is very entertaining and i
refuse to say that this is a DTV movie, i think that it deserved a
theatrical run, a wide one, not limited ! (same goes for ALL his DTV
movies, expect Derailed).

If you are a Van Damme fan, see this, if you hate him, see this too !


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a vicious serial killer around (Jean-Claude Van Damme) who only
kills mothers but leaves their kids alone. A secret government agency
makes a clone of him from a strand of hair (!!) and figure the clone
will telepathically lead them to his "father" (!!!). They hire
reluctant retired cop Jake Riley (Michael Rooker) to train him and
teach him to find his double. Naturally everything goes wrong.

OK the plot is ridiculous but who watches a Van Damme film for the
plot? You watch it for the violence and action and there's PLENTY in
this one DEFINITE PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD!!! However this goes TOO far. It
opens with a young mother being brutally killed in front of her little
kid. All through the movie there are some incredibly vicious
beatings–Rooker really gets it at one point. And, near the end,
there's an all out no holds bared fight in a hospital which has corpses
being shot up, elderly people in wheelchairs being shoved around or
knocked off, nurses being knocked cold and plenty of people being
brutally beaten. I have no problem with violence but this movie just
went TOO far.

Still, I was never bored. The plot was so stupid that I had to keep
watching and some of the humor in this is actually pretty funny. Rooker
is excellent in his role and (surprisingly) Van Damme is OK. He's not
GOOD but at least he tries to pull off two roles at once–and succeeds!
The movie moves very quickly–after it gets going there's barely a
let-up. So, it IS too violent but I enjoyed it. Some people might find
this amusing–in one scene Rooker was supposed to strip Van Damme nude
(to see if he was bugged). Rooker refused saying he didn't want to star
with Van Damme and Van Damme Jr:) So he's just stripped down to his
underpants. Gotta say Van Damme still had a great body considering he
was 40 when he did this! I give it a 7.


Unlike Seagal's crop of DTV crud, Van Damme has been making a very
strong effort to make his releases better. "Replicant" is one of them.
This is the fourth movie that Van Damme has been in where he plays two
people. (See also: "Double Impact", "Maximum Risk", and "Timecop") I
wonder if that's in his contract. The plot is: A serial killer named
"The Torch" (Van Damme) is on the loose. Rogue cop Jake Riley (Rooker)
has to stop him. When "Torch" leaves one of his strands of hair at the
crime scene, the idea is to clone him and stop him.

Van Damme plays the clone like a baby. He has to learn to speak, walk
and fight. It's a very good performance. Michael Rooker puts in his
usual gruff performance. Ringo Lam directs the action scenes with a lot
of style and energy. The climatic fight between both clones is fun but
we've seen it before.

"Replicant" is definitely worth seeing. The fans will enjoy it and
non-fans I think will be surprised by Van Damme's performance.

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