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  • Resident Evil: Extinction
    • Resident Evil: Extinction
    • Runtime:95 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 18:26:42
    • Director: Russell Mulcahy
    • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Resident Evil: Extinction


As with the second one continuing where the first one left off, this
does continue where the second left us. And again it does make sense,
to have seen the movies that came before this one. One welcome addition
(survivor from part 2) in this one, is Oded F. He really grounds things
and his role seems to get expanded (though you never know in a movie
like this, now do you?).

He was also commenting on part 2, though I haven't listen to any audio
commentary for this part (they are entertaining, even if you didn't
quite like the movies … if you liked them you will relish them
anyway). But the setting is good and the tone seems to really fit the
movie. There are quite a few good scenes and it is a continuation that
fits with the rest of the movies.


Sunshine? Sand? Las Vegas? Sounds like the perfect holiday… but not
in Resident Evil Extinction! This is the world where ravenous zombies
attack in broad daylight.

Resident Evil Extinction definitely takes the zombie genre in a new
direction, breaking the conventions of the usual films in this
category. Gone are the days where zombies roam dark, fog laden roads,
where the survivors have only everyday items as weapons, where the
zombies are the primary threat…

The film uses wide camera angles to show the isolation of the last
strand of survivors in this desolate environment. The cinematography is
beautiful, from the wide open plains of the Nevada desert to the
confined spaces of an Umbrella Corporation facility.

The soundtrack follows a similar style from the last two films, with
pounding techno-rock numbers that really get the blood pumping and
mirror the relentless action that's on screen.

Overall, this film follows the style over substance feel that the
series has followed since day one however, it's one of those films you
can watch with little thought. Pure entertainment! Worth a watch.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Someone will probably be expecting this review… to be another
nerd-filled rant about how this movie series has deviated strongly from
the source material to make it easier and 'fun' for people who have no
idea what a Playing Station or Nintendumb is. In a way, you're right. I
only enjoyed the first movie of the series, and the second was decent,
but the addition of a super model with bare bones for boobies who has
one of the craziest last names I can't pronounce was something I
thought was lame. Taking her out of the mix, I can say without a doubt
that I found these movies to be of the C-grade material: they're not as
moving as Dawn of the Dead, and they're not as sugar-high as 28 Days
Later and it's sequel. This is a generic 'scientist corporation makes
an Oopsy' zombie movie that we've seen in the bargain bin many, many
times before.

However, today I'll be reviewing the third movie. Am I the only one who
found this movie to be a little… short? I like the concept of a major
city to be completely rundown thanks to a zombie horde, and I
especially dig the fact that the entire world has been dried up and
drained of all it's vital resources. However, I find it a bit
disappointing that Las Vegas was completely drenched in sand. I don't
know exactly how this was possible, and I wish time could have been
taken to explain this in fuller detail, or perhaps at least – use Vegas
as it was. I know it's been done before, but… it's Vegas, man! Second
to New York, the city that never sleeps! I would have loved to have
seen showgirls, strippers, Elvises, and celebrities all going out for
some zombie action. This is made up for in ZombieTown.

My second biggest gripe has to be… the final 'boss'. Alice goes in to
fight a Tyrant monster reminiscent of the one from the second game, but
the fight doesn't last too long. After battling her out in maybe two
rooms, they enter an exact rehash of the mansion from the first movie.
Following this, the same laser-laden room which chopped most of the
security team into itty bitty bits. Needless to say, this same attack
defeats the Tyrant (Doctor British Stereotype) and we have a happy

Somehow I kinda expected a more thorough hunt-or-be-hunted, cat and
mouse, sort of thing here. I imagined boss battles to be a bit more
tougher than this.

Overall, while I can't say the movie is godawful… this felt, as have
the others, more like someone's off-shoot fan-fiction continuation. And
those who support this movie, well… fit in the same group as the
dimwits who like this sort of thing.

Anderson, Mika whatever the hell your name is – I AM DISAPPOINT.

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