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  • Sahara
    • Sahara
    • Runtime:124 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:22:26
    • Director: Breck Eisner
    • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
    • Studio:


Sahara is one of the biggest financial flops of Hollywood.Critics
rating doesn't hold that good either. But for me, this is one of the
best wholesome entertainers I have ever seen. Action, adventure and
comedy at its very best.

The credit for making this movie a visual extravaganza goes to the
direction, cinematography and especially art direction. The movie
highlights the natural beauty of Africa. The action sequences shot at
River Niger is a perfect example.

The movie showcases some breathtaking action sequences. Well, it
should, considering about the 130 million dollars poured into the
movie. The film is fast, free flowing without giving a single minute of
boredom like unwanted romance, sentiments or even unwanted dialogues.
The movie is made to be a comic action adventure entertainer and does
full justice to its genre.

Had this movie become a success, then Matthew McConnaughey would have
been a real superstar by now. Such is the powerful,cheesy acting he
features. It is a shame really that this movie did not succeed.The
supporting cast is superb, especially William Macy and Lennie James.
Lennis James makes the villain the most memorable character of the

Well, if you want to lie on your back, crack a snack and get some fun,
then this is the movie for you. Once again, too bad it was a flop.


This is pretty good action/adventure/comedy that is similar to the
likes of Indiana Jones and National Treasure. Those movies are better
of course but this is a good movie to watch on a rainy day if you have
nothing else to watch.

This is about a group of treasure hunters who embark to the African
desert to find an old fabled Civil War ship.

The acting is actually pretty decent. I thought Matt McConaughey did a
good job and I'm not a big fan of his works. Steve Zahn was pretty
funny too.

Overall, this a nice thrilling action movie. The villains were good as
well. Too bad there is no sequel. I rate this movie 8/10.


Sahara is directed by Breck Eisner and loosely based on the
best-selling book of the same name by Clive Cussler. It stars Matthew
McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penélope Cruz & William H. Macy. Plot sees
McConaughey & Zahn as treasure hunters who whilst on the hunt for some
Confederacy treasure get mixed up with a plague and an African dictator
in Mali.

Sahara is now considered one of the biggest financial failures of the
modern cinema era. In spite of opening number one in America for its
release, and making $18 million in the process, so much money went into
production and distribution the film is thought to have lost around $80
million. Which while few of us have sympathy for stupid studios who
throw silly money at projects, in this case it's unfair on the film

Oh for sure this is popcorn fodder fun, often silly and certainly
confused as to where it thematically wants to go; outside of pitching
for a franchise that is. But it's the kind of wholesome family
adventure that Hollywood needs from time to time. It's not for nothing
that sequels to Indiana Jones and The Mummy were churned out in the
last decade, it's a niche in the movie market that needs filling during
the family summer. But rarely do film makers get it right these days.
Think Scorpion King, think Mummy 3, well Sahara is certainly five times
better than both of those movies.

All the elements for a sandy romp are in place here. A bronzed hero
with comedy sidekick in tow, a pretty lady waiting to be romanced, and
of course some villains who need a good kicking. Throw in a treasure
seeking plot and some slam-bang action sequences and we are good to go.
In the main that is. The film does suffer from weak villains and the
plot is hardly one to interest younger viewers (enviromental disaster
aversion and disease containment? Come on). But when the film begins to
sag under the weight of its "adult" parts, Eisner has the nous to pull
us back on track with another set piece or a bit of Zahn (a terrific
film stealing turn) comedy. True enough that Cruz is just along for the
ride and to act as an excuse for the agile McConaughey to get
testosteroney, and with Paramount (at the time) boldly talking about
sequels prior to release; we know these characters will survive, thus
any ending peril is not going to bluff anyone. Still, are we really
expecting anything else from a film led by a pearly toothed geezer
called Dirk Pitt?. On another plus point, tho, it looks fabulous,
especially in HD (Seamus McGarvey on cinematography), while Clint
Mansell goes as Bondian as he can get away with for the score.

It had a troubled past (it was beset with legal problems involving
Paramount and Cussler), and that heavy financial loss has led many to
believe it's a stinker to stay away from. However, it's really rather
fun, propelled by great chemistry between McConaughey & Zahn and
containing enough preposterous set pieces to fill out most other summer
blockbusters. It's no Raiders (what is?), and its dumbness leaps out of
the screen at frequent intervals, but it merrily zips along apace and
safely brings the smiles as it goes. 6.5/10

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