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  • Saving Grace
    • Saving Grace
    • Runtime:93 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:06:53
    • Director: Nigel Cole
    • Genres: Comedy, Crime
    • Studio:


Saving Grace is a good example of the British talent in comedy film
making,real good story and brilliant performances makes it an
outstanding film in its genre.The location was just marvelous ,so
relaxing and beautiful,well i was not sure about watching it but i am
glad that finally i did and so i recommend this light hearted comedy to
every fan.Nothing about the movie was below average which makes it an
excellent watch.The idea of illegal farming by a grownup woman makes it
damn interesting which is brightly executed here.I am a big fan of
British comedies and this one proves it why..as i said that it deserves
appreciation and i am sure that after watching it most will agree with
me on this.


Charming doesn't even begin to describe "Saving Grace;" it's absolutely
irresistible! Anyone who ventures into this movie will leave with their
spirits soaring high (haha).

Grace Trevethyn (Brenda Blethyn) has just lost her husband, but her
problems are about to get a whole lot worse. Her dearly departed has
left her with no money and outstanding debts. Faced with losing
everything, she has to find out a way to get a lot of cash…fast! She
gets an idea when her gardener, Matthew (Craig Ferguson) asks the
town-famous horticulturist to give him advice on a plant he is secretly
growing. Grace immediately realizes that his plant is marijuana, so
they decide to use her gardening skills to grow a lot of top-quality
weed, and then sell it to pay off her outstanding debts.

The most notable quality about "Saving Grace" is its likability. Every
character is extremely sympathetic, and, save for the first 20 or so
minutes, the film is non-stop good cheer. Everyone wants a happy ending
for everyone, even if it means turning a blind eye to some rather
illegal activities.

The acting is top-notch. Brenda Blethyn is one of Britain's finest
actresses, and here is why. She turns what could have been a caricature
into a fully living and breathing individual. She's a nice lady, but
she's not stupid. Craig Ferguson is equally amiable as Matthew. He's a
deadbeat loser, but he's so likable that it doesn't matter. The rest of
the ensemble cast fits in this category as well, but special mention
has to go to Tcheky Karyo. The French actor always has a aura of menace
about him, and that suits him well, but he also has great comedy

Nigel Cole finds the perfect tone for "Saving Grace." It's all about
the charm. One of the problems I have with British humor is that all
the energy seems to be drained out of the film. Not so here. The film
is thoroughly likable and always amusing. That's not to say that
"Saving Grace" is just a likable movie that will leave you with a grin
and a good feeling. While this movie is not an out and out comedy, it
does boast two or three scenes that are nothing short of hysterical.

If there's any problem with the film, it's that the climax is a little
confusing. The questions are answered though, and the ending boasts an
unexpected twist.

See "Saving Grace," especially when you're having a bad day.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thoroughly enjoyed Saving Grace! Its a really funny, feel-good movie.
The premise of the prim and proper English lady and her dope-smoking
Scottish gardener growing marijuana to alleviate Grace's financial
difficulties after her husband's death, is hilarious. The ending is of
course predictable but also lots of fun. The beautiful scenery, the
dope-smoking town doctor, the small-town gossips, the trout-smuggler
obsessed policeman of the town, the French drug-dealer, the
dope-smoking, D&D playing small time side-kick – it all adds to the
flavour and fun of the movie. Well worth seeing, definitely

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