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  • Shark Tale
    • Shark Tale
    • Runtime:90 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:09:52
    • Director: Bibo Bergeron
    • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family
    • Studio:


If you like CGI animated movies that have heart, emotion, and humor,
then enjoy Toy Story, Shrek, Monsters INC, and Finding Nemo, but if
other CGI movies don't have the exact same thing, they have a little
bit of humor, pointless moments, and lame Dialogues. that's why we get
"Shark Tale", one of the worst CGI movies over the last decades.

I mean, seriously, why did it made so much money if it was bad? well,
we all know that some people liked this piece of crap and they've seem
to be impressed, but I'm not! the premise was stupid, the moral didn't
make sense, the animation was bad, the acting was over the top, and the
storyline was all over the place. if you wanna make something that has
heart and emotion, Dreamworks, NEED IMPROVEMENT!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why is everyone doing that I mean finding nemo was nowhere near as cool
as this movie animation is better, the colors are so much better not to
mention(as seen in the previews back when it was first being announced
as a new movie and on T.V.) the fishes,crabs,lobsters,and many others
you can name live literally live in there own towns and cities which is
awesome,along with so many unexpected details added,you'll see what
talking about if you go see it for yourselves.all in all this was a
great movie it full of humor,great voice acting(needless to say). its
still one of My favorite movies. jack black and will smith was a new
twist in and a welcome one for all there fans


*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Oscar is a fish who wants more of his life. Lenny is a vegetarian shark
who just wants to make his papa proud (his father being the local mafia
chief) but doesn't like meat. They end up allying to get what they
want: Oscar becomes famous and Lenny disappears. But obviously, Don
Lino and his shark cronies (and orcas, hammerheads and one octopus
added to the mix) want to get revenge.

This is a children's movie that has some background from 'The Valiant
Little Tailor', but actually draws heavily comparisons with 'The
Godfather' and other gangster films.

The characters are nice looking and are obviously based on the people
who put the voices on them (like Oscar having Will Smith's ears, Sykes
has Scorsese's HUGE eyebrows, Lola has Jolie's lips, etc.) so you
actually feel they are more real than just a bunch of CGI fauna. That's

The story is not that strong, but it can hold on its own. It is a movie
for children, but the adults will like it too.

Actually, that's part of the problem. I think only the adults can
REALLY enjoy it. I already told the movie is based on 'The Godfather'
or other films like 'Scarface'. And that's the problem. How many kids
can really enjoy the Godfather jokes? How many kids can even understand
them? To them, this film is just a cute animated film, just like all
the others. Only the adults will understand most of the jokes, and
they're not even for adults!

So, what's the real demographic audience? I have no idea.

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