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  • Shifty
    • Shifty
    • Runtime:85 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:19:34
    • Director: Eran Creevy
    • Genres: Thriller
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chris finds himself returning to his old neighbourhood to confront the
past, the tragic death of a girl and the friend he left behind, who has
immersed himself into a world of drugs and violence. The film follows,
Chris and Shifty as they sell drugs, run from the cops and criminals.

The acting is brilliant, Riz Ahmed and Daniel Mays are fantastic in
their roles, but I just found myself becoming bored of the direction of
the film, the storyline, the pace, the banter in between.

British Gangster films tend to be all 'Suits and Cockney' accent tough
guys, Shifty is more realistic and gritty. But unfortunately the
director seems to have little grasp on the storyline, it just a random

All in all, top class actors….poor director and screen-writer.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've noticed this growing trend with a lot of British gangster and
drama films that claim to be 'gritty and realistic' but are no where
near it.

Shifty suffers from the same flaws. I'm sorry, but even the lower class
of British society doesn't say 'yeh bruv' or 'mug' etc every other
sentence, its so stereotypical and bloody over done.

It seems also, that Daniel Mays is a one dimensional 'actor', but
really, he can't act to save his life. He has one of the most
irritating faces to look at and permanently looks retarded. To me, he
sounds EXACTLY like Danny Dyer, another bloke who thinks he can act.
How he got a part in anything to do with Mike Leigh is beyond me.

Riz Ahmed however seems like a very capable actor but was given a
completely $hit script to work with.

The whole film is just so uninteresting. I thought there would be some
action and meaning to the story, but at end its like the viewer is
supposed to clap their hands at Shifty's clever little stints he did to
get out of his spot of bother.

Also, if he made 3 grand a week being a drug dealer, would he really be
living in that $hitty flat/house with his older, old fashioned brother?
I doubt it.

Another disappointing, clichéd British film.

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