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  • Son of the Mask
    • Son of the Mask
    • Runtime:94 min
    • Release Date:2016-12-09 20:06:56
    • Director: Lawrence Guterman
    • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Son of the Mask


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie wanted to make me puke. I was disgusted. Why did they do
this? What happened to the classic humor from the 90's that we loved so
much. A baby that somehow has powers relating to the mask. A dog making
plots to try and kill a baby. A baby doing dances and playing
instruments in the woman's stomach. What the hell is this? You know
what really ticked me off; that these independent actors Jamie Kennedy
and Rebecca Massey look very similar to Jim Cerrey and Cameron Diaz.
And it's even the same dog and I believe has the same name.

But I don't if anyone else knows about this but this movie received one
award and seven nominations. Yah, do you know what they were? It won
the Razzie award for worst remake/sequel. And was nominated for the
Razzie award for worst actor, director, picture, screen couple,
screenplay, and two supporting actors. That made me laugh my ass off.

But anyway, don't see this movie. It's terrible. Go see The Mask, which
is much better.


First of all I have to tell you that my review do not contains any
spoilers because simply there is not a plot in the movie.

So , let's start by telling you the "plot" :a baby is born by the mask
and wants to send its father to the asylum because he(yes it is a
boy)saw it on television.The dog of the family wears the mask and is
trying to save the dad and kill the baby.Does this "plot" reminds you
something ? I don't know about you but it reminds one of the hundreds
of movies in which some people chasing it even looks like tom & jerry
in which tom is after jerry but jerry is always saved.

About the effects , I am not a professional designer but I could even
create them , they are so fake.

The actors are really bad and they remind me all the time that its a
movie , I just do not forget it.

So if you are at home and you want to see a movie do not buy or even
rent this movie.You will lose some minutes of your life , and I say
minutes because I just couldn't finish this movie but I can guess the
end .Although I won't tell you it because it is amazing(That was just a
joke , I know it's not funny but at least it is better than the jokes
in this movie).


Son of the mask is a really bad movie,the storyline is exxagerrated
poorly and the actors in it can barely act at all,theirs a lot of
reasons why this is on IMDBs bottom 100 (number 62).

The mask of Loki gets its hands into a cartoonist called Tim Avery
,whose new son gets the mask powers,the newborn boy and Tim Averys
jealous dog don't get along and when the dog tries the mask on he tries
to get rid of the baby.




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