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  • Stick It
    • Stick It
    • Runtime:103 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-24 14:25:00
    • Director: Jessica Bendinger
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
    • Studio:


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked the subplot. I liked the insertion of Joanne's Mama's
relationship with the Coach, bringing more young gymnasts back to train
with the Coach.

I also think the movie could have been longer. Easily.

I would have seen this movie way faster if I had known that Haley was
going to lead a friggin' revolution.

Why can't we have more movies like this one? I wish more movies dared
to push the damn envelope a little.

I miss laughing this much at movies. SO many props for a movie that for
once features a female lead whose entire life is not wrapped around the
possibility of a romance with some guy.

Word in women's circles has got to travel faster to the young folks
when movies like this come out, that's all I'm sayin.'

This movie rocks.


What do I know about gymnastics? What prior link or connection have I
had to gymnastics? What did I learn about gymnastics from 2006 film
Stick It? The collective answer to all three is "absolutley nothing at
all". But what I can share in reference to gymnastics, and in
particular young American girls going through a process of gymnastic
trials and tribulations, is the said sport going on during the Beijing
Olympics in 2008. The Olympics being what they are, that odd occasion
every four years in the middle of the summer in which you end up
following sports you've often never heard of let alone ever sat down to
competently watch, saw me stumble across the young American girl's team
doing all sorts of gymnastic activity and doing them really rather
well. The situation saw really rather young, and one would assume
completely naive to what life can through at you; bleary eyed gymnasts
in a group of about six or seven dwarfed by this huge China-set
gymnastics auditorium full of roaring crowds, proceeding to follow
through with a number of quite frightening procedures ranging from bars
to vaults to all sorts. Their feats matched those of the host nation's
entrants, and a battle for the gold medal was certainly unfolding; the
experience of these youngsters travelling to Beijing, in China, with
all the Communist or political turmoil that in itself carries, must
have been an experience in itself. This, as the pressure that is on
them anyway must have all combined in a flurry of emotions and personal

So a film about American gymnastics competing, having to hone their
ability and supposedly going through this
coming-of-age-come-realisation of life transition might be more
interesting if it were about those journeying half way across the world
to compete such as in the scenario above. We don't get this with Stick
It; instead, we get a tired and eerily fetishistic formula piece in
which Missy Peregrym's Haley Graham is the star of a tale about a
washed-out rebellious girl whose fondness for gymnastics threatens to
re-emerge after she's busted for damage of private property. We know
Haley is a bit of a rebel, as she wears a Ramones T-shirt, has a Sex
Pistols poster sprawled over her bedroom wall and uses a few four
letter words now and again. Since, she's rejected a seemingly warm and
rewarding life of gymnastics for hanging out with shady types and
engaging in illegal BMX activity instead, itself an item of physical
performance; balance and show.

In being caught after breaking some property during a BMX meeting, she
must face going back to gymnastics and at the forefront of this is Jeff
Bridges' tutor named Burt Vickerman. The film is the first from Jessica
Bendinger, whose film is mostly just montages and loving compositions
of various female gymnasts in tight leotards flexing, being massaged or
getting out of ice baths in slow motion whilst dripping wet. When we
aren't getting shots of how curvy Maddy Curley looks dressed as such,
they're close ups of feet; all the while filtered through this bright,
misguided palette of shades of red's, green's, blue's, yellow's and
whites. At their first proper meeting with one another in a diner,
Vickerman identifies Haley as a "rebel without a clause"; she sees him,
in what is an odd self-reflective moment, as nothing more than a cliché
and they sit opposite each another in what is an attempt at
establishing degrees of conflict. The trouble is their banter plus
general theme of there being a rivalry between 'student whom doesn't
want to be there' and 'gruff tutor living off a past tragedy' is a
little turgid. As is the on-off friendship with Joanne (Lengies), whom
we despise not because she is the rival of our heroine but because it's
as if she's stumbled into a gymnastics class on the way home from
finishing last at a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen-come-Hanna Montanna
soundalike contest, and felt thoroughly downbeat in the process.

As a team of Haley, Joanne and a few others of whom aren't important
are forced into bonding, the team flit around the country competing in
competitions which gives an array of companies the chance for some
shocking product placement. The film instills some rather negative
ideas into its intended young, female audience when Haley is bitterly
disappointed to be initially left out of a squad and the idea that
failure exists and is something we must all identify exists becomes
apparent; this, before she burrows her way back in with a snazzy and
flashy montage of an in-house squad playoff she instigates and the
point is undermined. It's ridiculous, as is the film's further ramming
down of our throat that Haley is an outcast in that when she arrives at
the competition, something is spilt on her top and she must change into
a different coloured tunic further still emphasising a difference
between her and the team: she's an outcast, we get it. Move on.

At the event is an odd staging of deliberate fouling to 'get one up' on
the judges; essentially writer/director Bendinger giving the finger,
through the girls in the film/the girls the film's made for, to any
negative critical reception the film may garner. One additionally
wonders why the paying audience reacted so lovingly to the persistent
fouling, one wonders furthermore why crowds would come to a gymnastics
event with cards ready to wave around on which '0.0' is displayed. A
meek sub-plot linked to Joanne about whether she chooses young love and
a trip to a prom over the girls and their championship match is a
flimsy and dull inclusion; while the film as a whole is a limp and
plodding affair, highly sexualised and tamely unfolded, the likes of
which was not made for me and ought not really be seen by those it was
intended for.


Stick It was quite the little gem in my opinion. I loved the attitude
it presented itself with, it was unique and refreshing. It is a teenage
film, yes. The cast is so likable, and determined though, I couldn't
help but enjoy myself when all was said and done. I honestly thought
Gymnastics was a ridiculous sport, before watching this, I didn't
really think much of it. After viewing this movie though, I most
certainly have the utmost respect for them. The training, the
dedication, the determination they go through, is absolutely
incredible. Stick it has a lot of originality to it, as well as being
unpredictable in places. Sending Hayley to a gymnastics organization
for her criminal actions, was genius in my opinion. A lot of the laughs
come from the scenes with Peregrym and Bridges. The two are
relentlessly funny together, and often had me grinning, like crazy.
Hopefully Missy is onto big things, because she has the looks, the
determination, and the charisma to go far.

Performances. Missy Peregrym is a gorgeous woman, but also has natural
acting talent too. She's a brat at 1st, but a likable brat, and I was
able to relate to her, despite her cold actions. Her charisma really
shines, near the end of the movie. Jeff Bridges has always been a
favorite of mine, and this movie proves why. He's funny and on the ball
with his delivery as the weasel, yet good meaning coach. Vanessa
Lengies somehow manages to be likable, even if she's a complete b*tch.
Nikki SooHoo&Maddy Curley are likable as the friends. Kellan Lutz& John
Patrick Amedori are comic relief, and they do it adequately. Julie
Warner is a very good character actress, and played the selfish mom of
Joanne's to a t.

Bottom line. Stick it was a very pleasant surprise. I didn't expect
much going in, and I got a highly original and in your face film, that
left me grinning, from ear to ear, when all was said and done. It's
criminally underrated at 5.9, so hopefully IMDb users can get this one
up!. Very much, recommended


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