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  • The Break-Up
    • The Break-Up
    • Runtime:106 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 21:50:18
    • Director: Peyton Reed
    • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


What exactly is a Rom-Com, anyway? Is it a boy-meets-girl fantasy
that's meant to give hope to all hopeless dreamers? Is it a
lighthearted, gentle lampoon of that most stressful of all human
activities – dating? Or is it a cover, an excuse, to examine the more
ominous forces that dwell in the hearts and souls of mankind? If you've
picked just one of these three options then you'll probably be
disappointed with "The Break Up." But, if you're like me and prefer
things that are more vague, more ambivalent, more real, then you'll
appreciate the often subtle moments of genuine pathos that this film is
built around. I was never quite sure which way things were heading and
always felt just a little uneasy about what I thought was about to
happen next. And that's an excellent emotional place to be in if you're
hoping to truly experience the thrill and agony of modern romance.

The two leads are played effortlessly, if not spectacularly, with an
usually consistent level of energy and style. Vince Vaughn is very
believable as the self starter with grand ambitions, Gary Grobowski.
Vince wears his fragility very delicately, never overplaying his take
on the delicate male ego. It's this particular quality that endears him
to us and to her, but likewise exacerbates his mishandling of his
troubled relationship. Jennifer does some great stuff as a successful,
slightly smug art dealer, who at first is caught off guard by Gary's
aggressive familiarity. As inevitable as their coupling is, I didn't
resent this contrivance, as I actually was eager to see these two
characters interact. That's a rare thing for me, to tolerate facile,
corny set ups, but Vaughn's considerable charm really pays off.

When things finally go south between them, I kept waiting for the
seemingly required-by-RomCom-law moment when they declare that their
love will triumph over all – they shall be united – but luckily nothing
quite like that is foisted on us. Their love, apparently, is floating
and bobbing along atop the increasingly turbulent waves of their
mutually misunderstood relationship. Of course they love each other,
that's not the point, that's besides the point. It's how badly or
carelessly they choose to express it that's the critical flaw. And it's
the all the more intense when they suddenly recognize this, and very
briefly, attempt to wrestle their way through their impasse.

Those rare moments, when people realize that how we happen to say
things does, in fact, change the way we think and feel, are what
comedies depend on. And, it's our failures to recognize this aspect of
our tortuous relations that is the stuff of tragedies. This nobly
intentioned film acknowledges all of this intelligently, respectfully,
gracefully. I admire it's well observed foibles and salute it's modest
sincerity. And, of course, there's Jen's lovely ass!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In an era where the Romantic Comedy genre has practically died because
they're all the same thing over and over,some movies come along that
try to be the opposite.Some succeed,some fail.This one…take a guess.

The movie is full of tone shifting.Whenever there's a dramatic scene
you feel awkward because you expect it to be funny,and whenever there's
a funny scene…you get the idea.Remember when they fight in front of
their friends because of Pictionary?If you listen to them you'll notice
they're having a real fight,but for some reason the funny music starts
playing and it's confusing.

The ending had a great message:Comedies(movies and TV)show us couples
fighting disguised as arguing,and this one was more realistic by
showing us that couples that fight that much don't just solve their
problems in a short time and get ready to dinner while the audience
switch from laugh track to clap.The problem is that the movie still
felt like a typical rom-com so a happy ending was expected in order to
have the right tone.

If they have had a better organizing the message would've been
rightfully delivered.And we would've understand why the characters were
so stereotypical(every man in the movie has something wrong with
him!)…assuming there is a reason.

What is this movie?A rom-com?An anti-rom-com?Both?Neither? Grades: D in
the U.S. and 4,0 in Chile.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me ask you something basic. When a movie says that its a comedy
what do you expect? If you your an are critic let me rephrase, What do
you think normal people would expect?

For it to be funny, right? It doesn't have to be none stop funny but
you should be able to remember that its funny over all right?

This movie isn't funny, Period!

You want to know what it is? Its a CHICK FLICK minus a happy ending and
any possible likability.

I feel like i should tell you more but realistically you've seen this
story before if you ever seen a chick-flick or "romantic comedy". Only
with 2 major differences.

1. Its not f*king funny 2. The guy and girl stay broken up, with no
happy ending

right so bottom line, ITS NOT A COMEDY AT ALL. its a TRAGEDY!, comedies
start you down and bring you up with joy. Not this.

Bottom line!!! if you Sell people a Tragedy, Label it a Freaking
ROMANTIC TRAGEDY. better yet since it has no likability I got a better


It's not your average American rom com… I'll tell you why: Actors:
I'm not usually a fan of Jennifer Aniston but I thought this was her
best movie yet! I've gotta say, she made me laugh and in some parts cry
and i've never really got that from her. Her character was a little
annoying, but i think she acted quite well. However, Vince Vaughn, is
one of my favourite actors and i was happy when he delivered one of his
typical comedic performances really well. The supporting actors in
this chic flic were average, i don't really have many thoughts about
them as the film was mainly focused on the main couple. I loved the
character Brooke's (aniston) brother in the film, i thought he was
truly hilarious! Plot: The plot seems quite boring when someone
describes it (i gotta say, it put me off a little when i read a short
description about it) but it's not like that at all. It's quirky but
realistic. I bet most couples can relate to some situations that happen
in this movie, and laugh about it. Some couples may even learn a lesson
from it.

Script: Well written, many parts were funny. I maybe wanted a little
bit more humour out of it, but that's just me being picky. I don't want
to spoil the ending for anyone but the beginning is a little better in
my opinion, than the ending as i wasn't satisfied by how the story came
together. This doesn't bother me though that much, like i said, i'm
just being picky.

Additional details: I loved the whole concept, like i said, and i like
the scenery, costumes etc. Everything was above average.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I suggest couples watch it together or a
group of friends watch it together. It's a feel good film i believe,
and i certainly felt good after it.

7/10 xox

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