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  • The Celestine Prophecy
    • The Celestine Prophecy
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:51:55
    • Director: Armand Mastroianni
    • Genres: Adventure
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Celestine Prophecy


Disconnected. We drift across a world crowded with concrete, buzzing
with distraction, and where we are searching for answers that will
never come. Our eyes are closed. We take for granted what the day
brings us, never looking beyond or within. We wrap ourselves in
illusion, believing to be connected, but what we really seek remains
out of reach. We need to let go. Our way of life is dragging us down,
drowning our heart and soul in conflict, and we struggle for control.
We fear to just be. We need to be something, someone, so we can't let
go. We can't see what lies beyond concrete walls and congested streets,
and we remain in limbo, never knowing the purpose of why we are really
here. We need to believe. A better world exists, but it remains a dream
to the conflict of life. Fear keeps us prisoner, and we remain chained
to its side. We have to let go. We have to open our eyes, see the path
that waits to be found, and we can't be afraid. We are destined to
become something so much more. All we have to do is take a step forward
and deny those, who would hold us back. We are connected, and it is
that connection that buzzes with energy through the walls and streets
of our life.


You know there are movies that are really good, but are quite low rated
because most of the people who watched them did not really get it and
couldn't swallow the intellectual deepness which is sometimes hidden in
symbolism. Like for example Eden Log, "9", Watchmen or La planète
sauvage a.k.a. fantastic planet. I thought that this movie could be one
of those. But I failed.

I haven't read the book and I won't because of this movie. And now
something that I always say about movies that are based on books:
"Maybe the movie isn't that bad, possibly it's an awesome adaption, but
maybe it's just the book that's a big load of $h**."

Now about the movie itself: The story was told in a confusing way. The
situations were not realistic, but that kind of sci-fi unrealistic – it
was just nonsense. The acting and the lines were bad. The music was
something like what I used to listen to easier fall asleep some years
ago. The whole plot and actions were not believable. For example:
Character 1: Look between your fingers, now you can see the energy
floating between them. Character 2: OK now I can. And he could through
the whole movie! What a mess! Like "oh now you have a superpower" "oh
you are right – now I have it" …. And the whole film is like that…
"Oh there are cryptic signs that nobody is able to read." "Oh wait now
I can read them because I believe I can."… I'm sorry I'm someone who
is not some kind of a scientist-man, I know a lot about spirituality,
Buddhism, meditation, mysticism and different esoteric things but man -
you gotta at least try to give a someway reasonable explanation, but
what was way too much even for me.

Simply don't watch, it's not worth your time. And it will probably ruin
your point of view about spirituality which this movie is certainly NOT
about… It's more like some kind of I believe I can superhero magic
without explanations.


I loved the movie as well as the book! James Redfield is my husbands
uncle,and i think he did an amazing job on the movie.based on what i
have seen it is as much like the book as you can get without it being a
5 hour long movie.i have read a lot of users comments on here about how
the movie isn't like the book and it sucked..come on its a religious
movie not an action movie you watch it for insight not for a
thrill!!you knew what to expect before seeing it..i personally think
its amazing work!!i cant believe people would sit on here and give it
bad ratings( bad acting,porn o) i believe not!! this movie is
originated from a best seller!!!!!not some stupid sex movie how could
people even compare the acting in cp to a porn!! i guess that shows
there lack of education!!James released this movie on his own!!! with
his own funding,and im proud of his work!! james and salle have worked
years of there life on cp …its part of them and the way people have
been rating it, is pure bull!!and does not do the movie justice!! i
really thing everyone should be required to watch or read the Celestine
Prophecy !!!then maybe our world would have the insight into how to be
better and treat everyone better!!If you want sex ,drugs,rap and all
that other crap in movies now a days go watch something else!!!! If you
want to see a good movie with good morals and values with out all that
junk see the Celestine Prophecy!! you will be glad you did!

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