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  • The Eye
    • The Eye
    • Runtime:98 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 00:48:50
    • Director: David Moreau
    • Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
    • Studio:


It may not be the gripping thriller that some might ask for, but as a
chilling horror movie, The Eye is skillfully terrifying. The Eye, a
remake of the 2003 Hong Kong film Gin Gwai, is about a young blind
woman named Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) who, after receiving a cornea
transplant from an anonymous donor to get her eyesight back, begins to
see (and even hear) terrifying visions of ghostly beings and dark
images of death that no one else can see. Understandably, the most
effective fright scenes take place at night when Sydney is alone in her
bedroom. Even though most of the scares here are predictable and in
part the result of jump shocking thrills, they nevertheless work. I
came to find myself dreading the scenes where Sydney goes to bed, and
sighing with relief when she woke up. The alone-in-the-dark scenes are
fun, horrific rides, greatly helped by great camera-work and Marco
Beltrami's eerie soundtrack. However, the film deserves kudos for
having more than one scary scene in crowded, brightly-lit places – a
café, an apartment hallway, a highway, a restaurant. Although The Eye
does not, for the most part, live up to the original, fans of Gin Gwai
may be pleased by the many scenes in this remake inspired from the
original, most notably the classic elevator scene. Unfortunately, like
so many other movies I've reviewed, it's the third act of The Eye which
causes a drop in my and most of the professional critics' scores. This
part of the film focuses too much on who Sydney's donor is and why she
is experiencing visions, and it does so poorly. The climax of the film,
although having cool visual effects, is a huge mess story-wise, having
very little to do with the main plot of the film. However, I really
don't believe I'm being very generous in giving this film a positive
rating, as the downsides of the ending don't outweigh the superb
thrills of the first half. This 2008 remake The Eye is recommended to
any fan of supernatural horror.


i thought this was a very strange movie,, sorta like final destination
in some ways,, a girl loses her sight at 5 yrs old. now in her 20's i
presume she has surgery to see again… now she has visions,,
nightmares , all kinds of crazy stuff happening to her, she wants to
find out who her donor is, at first the dr. is very leary to give her
that information, eventually he does,, it appears that cells have some
kind of memory,, so her donor's eye's are telling her something,, but
what is the whole key.. Jessica Alba i thought could have done way
better. it seemed like she was going thru the motions in this movie.,
it was hard to make sense of, it isn't very clear till the end of the
movie,, i 've seen better,, so i really can't recommend this one.

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