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  • The Gathering
    • The Gathering
    • Runtime:92 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-18 19:14:26
    • Director: Brian Gilbert
    • Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Gathering


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

a lot of critics didn't like this. i thought it was pretty good. a
little under developed and under nourished, but i heard it was edited
by about ten minutes. those few minutes would have helped clarify the
plot a little more. but as it was, i really liked the premise.

it was about a group of cursed souls that witnessed the crucifixion of
Christ and either did nothing but watch, or came to see the violence
like some come to enjoy executions.

this film really was a statement on the death penalty and our
fascination with cruelty and our indifference to the suffering of
others. those things may or may not damn us eternally, only God in
Heaven knows these answers, but the speculation here is something to
ponder. in all my years of living i have observed people to be either
very cruel or very callous to the suffering of others. i see so much
hardship and so little caring, it's very disturbing. many people know
the stories, the woman in New York crying for help while people close
their windows and do nothing. the soldiers in Afghanistan who went on a
killing spree of innocent civilians recently,…need i go further? it's
too depressing so lets not.

do these things damn us? well, i happen to be a Baptist so maybe i'm
not the right person to ask.

this was a good film though. it had a lot more to say than a lot of
critics would want you to think.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is about as bad as it gets. I'm not sure why there are so
many decent reviews. The entire premise is goofy. Somehow it's supposed
to be based on Christianity, but the whole concept of the watchers
being damned is completely antithetical to Christianity. "Father,
forgive them for they know not what they do.." ring a bell?

The script was terribly written. Scene after scene has basic boring
dialog with no depth or emotion. Scenes that defied logic and at the
same time were predictable….wait, that IS impressive. Like the car
crash scene. Did no one see that coming from a mile away? But at the
same time ridiculous because no one even attempts to slow down when a
car flips over in the middle of the road?

Christina Ricci's acting is HORRIBLE. She managed to muster a complete
absence of emotion or believability in almost every scene.

Much of the story was just nonsensical. Why would you let a total
stranger with amnesia live with you and take unsupervised care of your
kids almost immediately? Why doesn't Ricci try to find out who she is?
She just seems content to live in perfect strangers' home. Why were
people acting like they weren't alarmed by the killer? Didn't they know
they had wronged him? Once guy certainly did because he told him he
didn't touch him as he begged for his life. Why did the killer want to
kill the boy? Was anybody else wondering why it was OK to have the
people who helped Christina push the car with the bomb around the
corner blown up when the car bomb went off? Thanks for killing us,
Ricci! Why bury the church if it does nothing to stem future tragedies?
Because there's simply a sculpture depicting the gatherers? Why did the
gatherer guy kill somebody to make sure an event happens when he
himself says that there's no use trying to stop anything because events
can't be changed? Where in the secret decoder ring does it say if Ricci
saves someone from being killed she's no longer damned? Why don't he
rest of the Gatherers just save somebody and set themselves free? What
happens to Christina Ricci's character in the end – does she go to
heaven? Wander on earth? Who knows? Why can the boy only see her? How
does she take human form again after she's been shot and killed? I'm
jumping around I know, but there was just so much lameness I can't name
it all.

The music in the movie is sooo over dramatic as well. It gives a
feeling this huge plot is building, but no plot builds – no climax,
nothing. Just a steady stream of booooorrrinnng. I'm sorry, I just
couldn't take any of this movie seriously.

I don't totally recommend against watching the moving, however. It's
actually fun to see how much absurdity you can find while watching it.
Really, watch it, but watch it with Mystery Science Theater in mind.


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Gathering" is a surprisingly decent if not entirely spectacular
supernatural thriller.


After an accident, Cassie Grant, (Christina Ricci) is invited to stay
with Marion Kirkman, (Kerry Fox) who hit her, and returns to the small
town of Ashby Wake with a severe case of amnesia. While she stays with
them, her husband Simon, (Stephen Dillane) is called away to look into
a recent discovery nearby involving ruins in an old church that appear
to record the crucifixion of Christ. Immediately afterwards, she runs
into Dan Blakeley, (Ioan Gruffudd) and begins to experience a series of
strange visions and hallucinations about the people around her, and
that they are connected with the recent archaeological dealings when
they begin uncovering evidence of a centuries-old religious cover-up
involving a sect known as The Gathering, a sect who are cursed to watch
human suffering, and they must race to find their true intentions for
being there before her visions come true.

The Good News: This one ended up being pretty entertaining at times.
Part of the good stuff includes the scenes within the underground lair
where the discoveries take place, which are quite good. From the
appearance of the decorations, which look suitably worn-down and
decrepit to the scaly appearance completely covering their faces while
the line of faces completely encircles the entire area, leading to a
really chilling setting. That the story built up around them through
the religious argument that, for once, is both logical and well
thought-out, makes for a lot of fun. Managing to mix the religious side
with that of history, and actually making for some rather well-done
set-up that makes this come off as far more important than it really
should. There's also the rather fun and enjoyable scenes involving the
cult going about it's duties, which are rather interesting. The
appearance at the carnival's House of Mirrors results in some really
chilling moments when they're noticed and the race to stop them begins,
and later scenes including the highway accident, the bomb at the
fairgrounds or the brief-if-still-bloody gunmen's rampage through town
leaving lots of bullet-riddled bodies in his wake, makes for some
pretty enjoyable times. There's also some fun to be had with it's
finale, which offers up some rather well-done action scenes. From the
stalking through the cornfields, coupled with some well-done close
encounters that enable them to come out of it looking good, there's the
segue into the barn for the true finale which has a lot more coming
from it. From the stalking of the kids through the truck to the nice
brawl coupled with the gory deaths, it offers up some good moments that
ends the film on a high-note. The last plus to this is the film's gore
and kills, which while not over-the-top are definitely good enough to
really count. There's an impaling through the back and coming out the
front, a body mangled in a car accident and then subsequently run-over,
being severely shocked when standing in electrified water, a slit
throat and several gunshots which are mostly notable mainly for the
impact being noticed in new places and not the traditional ones, which
offers a little more variety. These here are the good points.

The Bad News: There wasn't too much here that didn't work. One of the
few flaws is the fact that this one has just way too much going on to
make much of a coherent story. This one was going fine with the main
story about the sudden appearance of the strange figures in the church
being seen throughout history coupled with her struggles with amnesia,
finally finding out there was a connection late in the film, but
instead this one goes to rather large lengths to include the further
subplot of the one guy who turns out to be a fanatical killer, which is
then given a back-story and spread out, which tends to make the
build-up of the first two take a back-seat to this one that really ends
up taking too much time to tell a story that could've been done in less
than half the time it takes as is. This ends up slowing the middle
section down somewhat as a result. The last flaw to this one is the
fact that this one really should've done more to make the special cult
more threatening, since in the end, this one tends to just show that
they're watchers without actually getting their hands dirty, and that
sort takes a lot of the danger out from them. Being a voyeur isn't that
threatening, and if changed, would've made a lot of the difference.
These few points are the flaws.

The Final Verdict: While there wasn't a whole lot of flaws, and the
ones that are there aren't too bad, this one turned out to be a
somewhat enjoyable film. Recommended more to those who have an affinity
with the creative side or find religious-horror enjoyable, while those
who don't should heed caution.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Adult Language


I usually don't write comments on here, but I thought that this movie
was so bad that I had to alert fellow movie lovers that this is NOT a
movie to watch. The movie contains bad acting, bad directing, bad
everything. The movie drags on and at some points you can't help but
fast forward.Christina Ricci's acting is so bad that you can only laugh
at some parts LOL. At least pick a hotter chick if you're going to make
such a bad film. I heard Megan Fox wasn't a good actor, but I
automatically go deaf when she appears on the screen.

I gave this movie a 1 out of 10 and I'd rather have a case of swine flu
then watch this again.

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