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  • The Golden Compass
    • The Golden Compass
    • Runtime:113 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-23 12:01:28
    • Director: Chris Weitz
    • Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Golden Compass


After reading many reviews of this movie, I obtained the knowledge that
the plot was rather confusing in some parts. So, I took it upon myself
to research the plot prior to viewing the movie; I found this to be
extraordinarily helpful during the movie because I was aware of
everything that was happening. By the way, while they're not many
visual effects in this movie, the few that are present during the film
are outstanding (it won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Visual
Effects)! As far as acting goes, I thought the cast did an average job.
I did find the ending quite odd, seeing as how it set up the basis for
more events to later be portrayed in the film and then kind of just cut
off to the credits. In my opinion, it wasn't a terrific film, but it
was good and I don't think it deserves all the negative reviews and
votes that it's getting.


I remember watching when it first came out in theatre's and my first
impression is apparently what a lot of the people who already reviewed
this went with. I did not like it and that's mostly because during I
was comparing it to other movies. However I watched it again the other
day and was surprised how wrong my first impression was. This film is
deeper then you would first think it was.

If you agree or disagree with Pullman's novels is your choice I'm only
here to give an opinion on Chris Weitz vision of the first book. In
this respect this movie was a good entertainment. A lot of people
seemed to think it was rushed and sloppy and couldn't disagree more.
You have to remember it was the first book of a trilogy, usually that
mean a lot of exposition.

When you can make a movie this entertaining for younger viewers and
still intriguing for adults you've definitely done something right.
This is a movie where the kids will enjoy it but the parents will
really be paying attention because the movie really does possess a lot
of intriguing questions.

Now I would feel terrible if I left out the performance of Dakota Blue
Richards, this was her first role and you couldn't ask for a better
one. I can see her having a rich career in the future. The rest of the
performances are just as good containing the ever talented Daniel Craig
and Ian McKellan. Since most people that want to see it already have
all I ask is that for the rest of you give it a chance. I really hope
they do the rest of the trilogy.



If you haven't read the book, the film may be mediocre but watchable
despite the poor acting (Kidman and Craig) and boring storytelling. It
will be quite confusing because so many characters appear out of
nowhere without further explanation. Characters are also poorly

On the bright side, visual effects are good and daemons are well made
and dubbed.

If you have read the book, you will be deeply disappointed. The story
has been changed (no religion or church references), key events
chronology have been changed and some even disappeared.

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