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  • The Hurricane
    • The Hurricane
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:01:16
    • Director: Norman Jewison
    • Genres: Biography, Drama, Sport
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The Hurricane


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As I read reviews written by fellow movie lovers– if I may call them
that — it pains me to see how blatantly biased people can be. It's
true that some facts in the movie could be exaggerated, such as
Carter's claim of winning the bout. But a bit of dramatization is but
expected in any movie. People who are questioning the veracity and
credibility of the movie and the man himself would do well to check the
credibility of the critics themselves. My bet is most of these websites
have been put up by racist people. A look at the use of language on
these sites would suffice. Again, the performance of Denzel Washington,
as always, is above par and I may even say brilliant. The rendition of
the title song by Dylan is heart rending. If this movie won't move you,
maybe, nothing will. The direction is awesome and the supporting cast
is as good as it gets. My thumbs down to all the critics who have
carried out a propaganda to defame a wronged man. My vote: 9 out of 10.


Denzel Washington plays boxer "Hurricane" Carter in this biopic about
Carter's struggles with racist America even as he was ascending
boxing's pedestal.

Veteran Norman Jewison, no stranger to films about social outrage, and
particularly to films about racism ("In the Heat of the Night"),
perhaps is a little too close to his subject matter, as the whole film
is too preachy, earnest and self-congratulatory. Washington gives a
performance full of obvious conviction, but the film's length and sheer
unwieldiness eventually do him in.

Grade: C


Rubin Carter was once one of the most highly feared middleweights of
the sixties. he had a strong punch and a taste for the finer things in
life. He also had a attitude towards white society that made Malcolm X
look calm. Carter had also spent more then half of his life behind
prison bars. In June of 1966 four people where murdered in a Paterson
New Jersey bar and Rubin Carter and his Friend John Artis were arrested
for the crime despite the only evidence being circumstantial and that
the police detective in charge of the case knew Rubin and hated him.
Rubin and John Artis were sentenced for three life sentences to be
served in prison. Rubin Carter served the first ten years angry and he
wrote a book called the 16th round. Rubin and Artis did get a second
trial but that too found him guilty. Rubin Carter never stopped
fighting it wasn't enough to be free but he wanted his name cleared.
Enter Lesra Martin a black youth living in a commune with a group of
well meaning white Canadians who want to make the world a better place
They're rich resourceful and full of a never stop never give up
attitude. When Lesra reads a battered copy of the 16th round and finds
Rubin still in jail. The Canandians vow to fight for Rubin and never
stop Lesra and his friends along with Rubin's lawyers find enough
evidence to Get Rubin Carter free after spending 22 years in prison for
a crime that he never did. Norman Jewison is an old hand at this type
of film a lot of people who were angry at Rubin Carter claimed that The
HURRICANE was a attempt to make Rubin a saint. They took shots at the
things that happened but were never portrayed or the way things were
done. Jewison himself said that if he included everything that happened
to Rubin during the 22 years he spent in jail you would be watching a
much longer film longer by about a year. The film makers took liberties
but still stand within the fact and they served Rubin better then any
lie. Denzal Washington simply is the movie he makes the film sizzle and
that is a glowing tribute to an extraordinary man Rubin Hurricane


Watching any movie that is based on true events, you tend to appreciate
the film more when you are aware it's historically accurate. The
Hurricane isn't, but it's still a eloquent, evocative and vigorous film
with powerful performances, a riveting score and advanced, exceptional
storytelling. As the film is persuasive for those who are unacquainted
with the case, it's also implausibly subjective and biased. As some may
say, it's a work of fiction, but the film itself in spite of it's
inaccurate narrative, is a effective, compelling and moving film with
effectual character study and immense performances. It's not too
sentimental or manipulative considering the poignant story, it works
well but those who are familiar with the case won't be too pleased on
it's subjective storytelling.

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