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  • The King of Fighters
    • The King of Fighters
    • Runtime:112 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:23:13
    • Director: Gordon Chan
    • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:The King of Fighters


(Credit IMDb) Live-action feature based on the video game "King of

The King of Fighters was shredded of all it's dignity as soon as it
entered post-production in my opinion. It was doomed to fail from the
start. Despite what you may think, it features some promising talent,
but it's certainly not displayed here in any way. The fight scenes feel
cartoonish, the production values feel cheap, and I felt like I was
watching a boring video-game that had no pride in itself. It doesn't
help that most of the characters are corny and unlikable. Maggie Q is
the only thing watchable about this movie. What hurts this movie the
most though, is the cheesy storyline. I didn't find it to be believable
what-so-ever, nor did it provide any entertainment value.

Performances. Maggie Q is decent as the lead, and manages to come out
of this crap alive somehow. She is much better then the film deserves,
and it shows. Sean Farris has promise as an actor, but here his
arrogance is his downfall. Unlike Forever Strong where he balanced it
with charisma, that is nowhere to be seen here. Will Yun Lee has
intensity but that's about it. Ray Park is much too comical and OTT to
be effective. He basically threw it away to ham it up like a buffoon as
the villain. David Leitch is OK as the agent but nothing more.
Francoise Yip is pretty bland in her role, spurting some atrocious

Bottom line. This deserves its bad reputation. You are wasting 90
minutes of your life that you could easily be doing something with,
much more worthwhile. People call Street Fighter bad? At least it knew
it was, and managed to make the movie fun. This has none of that. Avoid
in every way possible.



THE KING OF FIGHTERS – TRASH IT ( C ) What a joke it was? I actually
knew that it's going to be a trash from the promos but I love Sean
Faris, so I just wanted to see him. After Never Back Down, he hasn't
got major breakthrough neither on Movies nor even on T.V. He is
stunning and gorgeous as hell. The movie's story is immature and the
graphics are worst than games. The fighting sequences were immaturely
directed though the end fight was watchable. The movie's is budget is
around $12 Millions, which is seriously hard to believe because there
was no production value at all. Sean Faris and Maggie Q were the only
good things in the movie. They made me go through all the whole movie
with all the hideousness was going on in it. Will Yun Lee did a good
job and all other supporting actors were okay. Overall trash it and
don't waste any money on it, even if you love Sean Faris, just watch
"Never Back Down" Again and if you love Maggie Q, tune in to "Nikita"
every week on CW, its freaking Awesome.


If you have seen Street Fighter (with Jean Claude van Damme) and you've
thought it was the worst movie ever, then this will be the one to
replace its place. The story is nothing near the game, most characters
are not from the same nationality as in the game. The clothes (their
trademarks) are different from the game and where are the special
moves?? Each one of the characters had their trademark moves and
specialities, most of them had like superpowers (fireballs, lighting
etc.). As how the technology is now, it is easy to make those like in
the game, so where is it? It's a very disappointing movie, I watched
this one after watching Tekken, and Tekken is much better.


There is no real "plot" to this movie; watching it is like being
trapped in a bad video game from which there is no escape. It is
basically a sequence of none-too-interesting martial art displays, with
a cartoonish bad guy and his minions facing off against the "good
guys". What a surprise that Maggie Q, the only name recognizable in
this piece of crap, couldn't find better work after appearing in Die
Hard 4, and soon to appear in another sequel of Mission Impossible.
There are several lengthy comments here, most of which agree that this
movie is junk, but I can't imagine what they managed to write several
paragraphs about. No, I didn't read them because I already know this
movie is really terrible. Why would I want to analyze several worthless
details of the film? Do yourself a favor and don't watch this movie!

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