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  • The Majestic
    • The Majestic
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 09:08:12
    • Director: Frank Darabont
    • Genres: Drama, Romance
    • Studio:


I never thought of Jim Carrey as a romantic actor, but I fell in love
with him after seeing 'The Majestic,' I wish he would make more of this
kind of movie. Laurie Holden was perfect as his love interest. I had
not seen her before this, but enjoyed her later in 'Bailey's Billions'
with Dean Cain. I do enjoy films with an historical background, and I
think 'The Majestic' introduces a new generation to the Hollywood
Blacklist and the army-McCarthy hearings, which were aired on live TV
when they were happening. I used to come home from school and follow
all the principals at the time. Most folks don't know that the late
Robert Kennedy was one of the attorneys working with Senator Joe
McCarthy before McCarthy went too far in his accusations. Another thing
I loved about this movie was the background music. I would like to have
a soundtrack of it. I own the DVD of this movie and suggest you watch
this movie if you get a chance. If you like Jim Carrey playing nutty
characters, you might be disappointed. However, if you would like to
see a warm, romantic Jim Carrey, you will love 'The Majestic.'


Frank Darabont's 2001 box office bomb, 'The Majestic' is truly
'Majestic' in terms of storytelling. Darabont, who made the most
powerful film in recent-cinema history, 'The Shawshank Redemption',
proves his caliber yet again.

'The Majestic' is not about a mistaken identity, or McCarthyism of it's
time. It's about sheer Magic, and freedom of speech. It redefines love,
expectations and above-all pride in yourself. About a 151 minutes, the
film unfolds with flourish. This truly is an under-rated film of the
early 2000's!

Darabont's direction is magical. A Master Storyteller! Michael Sloane's
Screenplay is wonderful, with clap-worthy dialogue. David Tattersall's
Cinematography is top-notch. Music by Mark Isham is good. Jim Page's
editing is flawless.

In the acting department, Jim Carrey excels. The Iconic Star delivers a
subdued, controlled and memorable performance from start to end. Martin
Landau is fantastic. Laurie Holden looks gorgeous throughout and
delivers a likable performance. David Ogden Stiers does well. James
Whitmore shines, as always. Bob Balaban is passable. Others lend able

On the whole, 'The Majestic' is a classic. A winner all the way, a film
which has it's heart at right place. From this writer, Two Big Thumbs


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Majestic (2001) Directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank
Redemption/Green Mile). In this Capra-like drama set during the 1950's
Hollywood blacklist. A young, ambitious Hollywood screenwriter loses
his job and his identity, only to find new courage, love and the power
of conviction in the heart of a small town's life. Peter Appleton is a
script writer during the 1950's who is suspected to be a Communist
among many Hollywood film people (which is not true). Along the way, he
gets into a freak car accident and suffers amnesia, then ends up in a
small California town. There he lives in a rundown movie theater where
he learns the magic of experiencing a movie in it. Soon, the Communist
hunters find him and call him to testify before a Senate hearing
committee. This is kind of sweet simplistic movie like Hollywood used
to make in the great days of CinemaScope color films. It's that kind of
big film. Great Colors Great Fantastic Cinematography and for me the
main hook of the film was its relation to the old movie theater (the
Majestic) where most of the movie takes place. So you get a mystery
about a somewhat lost Hollywood writer. You get an old theater removed
to its classic state. You get the films glorious colors and a great
plot and story. The story is sentimental but who cares-it gave me total
escape into a fictional world which I seldom get. This helps us recall
the golden age of Hollywood and film. This could be Carrey's finest
role. We see a more toned down Carrey giving all many smiles in this
very appealing fictional story. Carrey makes an excellent romantic and
dramatic lead. Carrey deserved an Oscar for his performance in the
Majestic. The film is long at 146 minutes but it is a beautifully
executed film. One of the most underrated films of the last 20 years. I
would pay a lot of money to see this on the big screen. I can't believe
I missed it in 2001. (I was not a great fan of the other kind of Jim
Carrey movies) 5 Stars

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