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  • Waking Life
    • Waking Life
    • Runtime:99 min
    • Release Date:2016-09-27 23:25:54
    • Director: Richard Linklater
    • Genres: Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
    • Studio:


Actually the 2nd have of that quote would be more appropriate to this
so-called film. A lot of 2-penny philosophy, in other words, pedantic
nonsense, spoken by 'actors' who obviously haven't got a clue about
what they are saying, like a sci-fi movie where characters speak in
meaningless technobabble. It certainly isn't great or even interesting
philosophy. Frame it all in some highly unimaginative rotoscoping
passing as 'animation' and you'll have the end result presented here. A
total waste of film. Honestly, why anyone thinks Linklater is a
director or writer is beyond me. And yes, I have seen his other films
and frankly, I don't think the guy has a clue about how to make films.
It's like he's trying to be the next Godard…and failing miserably.


Ratings: 5 – Amazing 4 – Great 3 – Very good 2 – Good 1 – Fair 0 – Poor

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Characters: 0 Screenplay: 1 Cinematography: 3 Emotional: 3

Overall: 1.5

An interesting stream of consciousness with good subject matter on a
mismatched medium. While serving a great introduction to lucid dreaming
and philosophy of life, it lacks many essential qualities of a good


The film revolves around Wiggin's character. An explorer of his
subconscious, he learns from himself the meaning of life. Throughout
the film, we see him grow from his humble beginnings as a simple
observer— but there isn't much to it.

The rest of the characters, or rather, projections of his subconscious,
don't have much depth or growth to them.

As a result, it's pretty hard to identify with any of the characters
and care about any outcomes of the movie.


Thrown at us are a bunch of theories and philosophies, overheard by the
protagonist at some point in his life. "They all sound familiar, like
I'd heard them from somewhere." At this point in his life, his
subconscious chooses to hash them out a bit.

While the theories and views of life are in themselves interesting, the
protagonist and the audience is, for the most part, sitting quietly at
a lecture. There are no debates, few real discussions, and nothing for
the audience to look forward to or invest in.

In addition, the theories are strewn together seemingly randomly while
potentially being quite hard to digest, when not acclimated. They don't
build upon each other, or follow any kind of logical path. There is no
questioning, refutation, conflict, or conclusion. We are just going
from one rambling lecture to the next, learning of the raw theory.

On the other hand, it paints a realistic picture of the philosophical
dreams we may have. And there is a nice homage to Before

Nevertheless, there are a number of clues that give a deeper meaning
and interpretation to the film.


This movie of well known for its unique rotoscoping animation. It gives
an accurate visceral feeling of the dreamworld: walking the line of
reality and fantasy. While it can be a bit nauseating or old at times,
there is always something interesting to watch.

The score, mostly written and performed by the Tosca Tango Orchestra,
is excellent. The tango club scene's music, in particular, was
scintillating. Two of my favorite instruments: accordion and piano, in
beautiful harmony.

The score does a good job of letting us relax between the heavy dialog,
without being haughty or seeping into every scene.


The film does a great job of introducing people to areas of abstract
thought about life and of lucid dream. Combined with the rambling
stream of passion given characters and meaning behind the film, it
reaches a certain level of appreciation for me.

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