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  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
    • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
    • Runtime:96 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 23:23:33
    • Director: Jake Kasdan
    • Genres: Comedy, Music
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


I've never been a fan of the gross-out comedies of Apatow and Kasdan.
But I've admired John C. Reilly as a character actor ever since he was
a small-town teenager in WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE. And I'm a huge
student of classic rock, having listened since the mid Seventies and
also having read many books on the subject.

I thought WALK HARD might have a few cheap laughs about groupies and
sex. What I discovered was that it is a triumph on every level. It is a
comedy funnier than anything this side of THE BIG LEBOWSKI or YOUNG
FRANKENSTEIN. It is a country-boy makes good drama as moving and
sincere as FORREST GUMP or SERGEANT YORK. And it provides an epic
history of rock and roll from rockabilly to the disco era that really
has no equal in any other film.

The cast of this movie is incredible. Not only is John C. Reilly
performing on a Tom Hanks level as sincere, gifted, yet goofy Dewey
Cox, he receives incredible support in every scene. Jenna Fischer plays
the love of his life and she's every bit as stunning and compelling as
Reese Witherspoon in WALK THE LINE (even though she looks more like
Sarah Michelle Gellar.) Even the two little boys in the hilariously
tragic "prologue" are believably innocent and carefree as they begin
that tragic game of machete tag.

The humor in this movie goes far beyond the sex jokes, the blatant rip
offs of rock decadence, and the imitations of famous scenes in WALK THE
LINE and RAY. A lot of the humor is very subtle, like the "serious" way
stars like Eddie Vedder pay tribute to Dewey's simplistic lyrics. "When
Dewey Cox said he wanted to walk hard, he made us think about how we
wanted to walk." In the same way, the Beatles impressions are funny,
yet you really have to know rock history well to understand the Brian
Wilson references as egocentric Dewey screams for "50,000 djiridous" to
complete his unfinished symphony. The same with the Bob Dylan period.
Dewey Cox handles reporters in a way both rebellious and shallow, which
brilliantly skewers the self-importance of Dylan himself in DON'T LOOK
BACK, and the phony reverence of unwatchable tributes like I'M NOT
THERE. ("What do my parents think of my protest songs? What do your
parents think of my protest songs, Mr. Time Magazine?") But the most
indescribable power of this movie comes from the fact that it is always
character based. The machete accident at the beginning seems like a
silly joke, but when a talking machete literally walks into Dewey's
acid trip you can't help falling down with laughter, even as you
recognize that something very profound is going on. The movie laughs at
the basic premise of all biopics, that knowing a man's personal tragedy
means you understand his work — and yet they brilliantly weave that
tragedy into all his work.

WALK HARD also mocks a lot of the feel-good premises of self-help
therapy,that forgiveness is key and acceptance brings renewal. During
the final montage, where Dewey sings "It's A Beautiful Ride" and
reflects on all the happy and sad memories of his life, there's a
couple of shocking images that are both screamingly funny and
touchingly sad. When you see Elvis Presley pull a switchblade on Dewey,
or his father shove a pistol in his face, you see how funny it is to
expect a man to put a "positive" spin on his own life. Dewey has
memories he's not ever going to share with his fans, but that doesn't
mean the happiness in the song is fake. It just makes the whole story
more complex, more lifelike, and yes, more funny than anyone would ever
have dreamed!

WALK HARD is a one of a kind movie. I am not only going to buy the DVD,
I want to buy the soundtrack too!


This movie was definitely not what I expected. I had expected all crude
humor and nothing more. Of course there was plenty of it, but weaved in
between was a bit of a sad meaningful story, not much but it's there.

I found the movie hilarious and I was happy that the same jokes weren't
used over and over again. The humor was spread out just enough that it
wasn't overwhelming.

The thing about the movie I enjoyed most of all was the music. Some of
the songs were just plain hilarious and others were more meaningful
such as A Life Without You, which is my favorite song from the movie.
John C. Riley has a lovely voice and it was an unexpected treat for me.
I was very surprised to hear how well he sings.

Overall I enjoyed the movie a lot and give it a 9/10!


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are only two ways about it – either you think the below dialog is
hilarious, or stupid:

- This… is an particularly bad case of somebody being cut in half. I
was not able to reattach the top half of his body to the bottom half of
his body.

- Speak English doc, we ain't SCIENTISTS!

If you think that's stupid, do not watch this movie. You will think
that every scene is stupid.

However, if you like me think that's hilarious, then YOU MUST WATCH
THIS MOVIE. Every scene is a keeper, even in the unbearably long
self-indulgent director's cut ("Is he playing 'Negro Man'?").

This movie spoofs both "Walk The Line" and "Ray", and probably some
other movies as well. I can't go more than 3 minutes

- You're acting like I'm some kind of criminal!

- You ARE, Dewey. Being married to two women at the same time is a

- What if you're famous?

without seeing something else that just cracks me up.

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