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  • What Women Want
    • What Women Want
    • Runtime:127 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-16 08:00:40
    • Director: Nancy Meyers
    • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
    • Studio:
MOVIE REVIEW:What Women Want


I wasn't expecting What Women Want to be as fun as I found it. The
premise I initially found rather daft, and some of the subplots are
superfluous and drag the film down. However, What Women Want is a
pleasant watch, as it has lovely cinematography and the soundtrack has
a nice quality to it. The film is wittily written and sharply directed
too, while the story is pretty interesting and unique on the whole,
like Nick Marshall's gift of being able to hear women's thoughts. The
two lead performances are excellent, Mel Gibson can be obnoxious like
his character but he is also very charming, while Helen Hunt is great
as his far-from-perfect love interest. All in all, entertaining and
inventive. 8/10 Bethany Cox


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mel Gibson back before all the trouble he has gotten himself into now a
days, the in between days as I like to call them, he was voted as the
sexiest man alive. Surprisingly he didn't do romantic comedies, mainly
action or epic adventure films. He starred in What Women Want with
Helen Hunt. This is also back when romantic comedies actually cared
about their stories and the characters and were not just made for a
cheap buck, so we have some actual depth to the story here. Typical
with a lot of stories, what do women want? As a woman, I can give you
an honest answer, I don't know and neither does any other woman. We all
want different things and that's what this film is about, the man who
thinks that he knows everything about women as most people know someone
like that when you know the truth is that they're just clueless. We've
had a lot of plots like this where a man has dressed, talked or acted
like a woman to find out what we're thinking or why we do things the
way we do them. What Women Want takes a different approach in making
Mel Gibson actually hear the women's thoughts.

Nick Marshall, a Chicago ad executive, grew up with his showgirl
mother, and is a chauvinist. He is skilled at selling to men and
seducing women. However, just as he thinks he's headed for a promotion,
his manager Dan informs him that he is hiring the talents of Darcy
McGuire instead, to broaden the firm's appeal to women. Needing to
prove himself to Darcy and Dan, Nick attempts to think of copy for a
series of feminine products that Darcy gave out. However he slips and
falls into his bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer,
electrocuting himself. The next day, Nick wakes up able to understand
women's innermost thoughts. Nick eavesdrops on women's thoughts and
uses their ideas as his own, but also develops real friendships with
his co-workers. But as he spends more time with Darcy, he is attracted
to her. Nick and Darcy begin to spend more time together, and
ultimately kiss. When he manages to trump Darcy out of her idea for a
new Nike ad campaign aimed at women, he regrets his selfishness,
especially as it leads to her being fired and him in a compromising

The film is alright, nothing too special or memorable but definitely
more charming than a lot of romantic comedies. My main complaint being
is just the story with Marissa Tomei's character, Mel Gibson had been
trying to get a date with her as a womanizer, then when he can hear her
thoughts she of course thinks he's the greatest man in the world. As
soon as he starts falling for Helen Hunt, he kind of just drops Marissa
making you wonder if he had really learned anything at all, it was a
story that was not needed and hurt the film. Also same with the "nerd
in glasses" girl, very dark and again not really needed or could have
been a bit lighter. But What Women Want is a crisp and fun little
comedy that is worth the watch, Mel and Helen were a pleasure to watch
together and had good chemistry. Some very touching moments, even if
the script was a bit of a cliché. But it's a harmless movie that I did
enjoy over all.



After a blow-drier lands in his bathtub, promiscuous "man's man"
executive Mel Gibson (as Nick Marshall) develops the power to read
women's minds. A chauvinist by nature, Mr. Gibson decides to use his
power to steal business ideas from successful competing female
executive Helen Hunt (as Darcy Maguire). You don't have to be Freud to
figure out what happens to Gibson and Ms. Hunt.

Though tame and predictable, "What Women Want" benefits from good
production values and features a strong supporting cast, in
showcase-written roles. Director Nancy Meyers and box office favorite
Gibson handle several comic scenes amusingly well. There really isn't
much revealed about women's secret thoughts. They want to look nice and
have good sex, but seem more complicated.

****** What Women Want (12/13/00) Nancy Meyers ~ Mel Gibson, Helen
Hunt, Ashley Johnson, Marisa Tomei

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