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  • Yes Man
    • Yes Man
    • Runtime:104 min
    • Release Date:2017-01-22 19:17:04
    • Director: Peyton Reed
    • Genres: Comedy, Romance
    • Studio:


I actually kind of liked Yes Man. For much of the time, I thought I was
watching a movie where the plot and the writing for various characters
took precedence over the goal of feeding another body to the
Carrey-loving piranhas.

It was interesting: It appears that when the plot stopped moving
forward, Carrey started becoming his usual buffoon; a kind of cinematic
version of nature abhors a vacuum. When the plot again got (sort of)
roused from its slumber, the direction of Carrey fell back into the
territory where his antics get subsumed under the larger (and surely
nobler) goal of delivering an actual story to the viewer.

Carrey is capable of doing fine acting. I want to see a flick where,
from start to finish, that's what he does. And, of course, with his
clout and cache, he can afford to pick and choose a script and role
(and director) that will allow him to do this.

When you discount Carrey's buffoonery, what's left? Unfortunately, a
mixed bag. The overall theme is great: Positivity nets you good
fortune. I loved that message! The bit of business at the end of the
movie–with the love interest, and revisiting the seminar to reconfront
the guru–was sort of cool, but seemed to me not to have been written
and directed well.

In general I would characterize this as a movie that still relies too
much on Carrey's draw, and so thinks it can afford to skimp on the
aesthetics. Sad to see it's still like this after so many years!


Why should I not give a ten ? I saw "Yes man" several times and every
time I feel better… Jim and Zoé are absolutely great… Zoé is…a
miracle… Jim… It is a long time that I love him very much… But
Zoé… I have no words… Every time I feel depressed I watch "Yes
man"… The supporting actors… Excellent actors… Everything is good
in this movie. I am watching the movie writing these few words… What
I don't like is that we have to wait 40 minutes to see Zoé on the
screen… I didn't try to say yes to everything… But I find the
concept interesting… And of course Zoé can sing very well… She
performs during the movie and here voice is beautiful. I hope to see
them again on the big screen very soon…


I thought this looked cute when I saw the ads, so when I saw it was on
HBO I decided to have a look. I had no idea if it was supposed to be
any good, I hadn't read any reviews (which I learned afterward were
generally negative so I approached it blind. And I loved it.

This is a very funny, charming movie about a negative guy who tries to
become a positive guy through the radical step of saying yes to
everything. The results are arguably too good to be true, although I
understand the true story this was based on turned out pretty good.

I like the message of positivity of this movie. For most of my life I
was purposely pessimistic and cynical and had a mildly negative view of
the world. A few years ago I decided to try the other side, and with
determination and some books on positive thinking I managed to turn
myself mildly positive, and my life genuinely improved, even though the
cynic in me would have said it couldn't be that easy. So not only is
this a very funny movie, but I think if it makes people think about the
benefits of being more positive and adventurous in life then it is a
movie with real world benefits.

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